The Youth

Whether what I will say in this post is true or not is arguable, I am not a sociologist, but I do consider myself to be quite observant. Agreeing or disagreeing with my perspective is up to you, but I do feel like this is quite the benched topic that people should be more aware of; people need to address the needs and effects of parenting on the youth. Maybe I am late to realizing the mistakes that some parents have made, but at the end of the line, it is all just different angles and ideas to explore. Please do keep in mind that I will generalize a bit only to try and get my point across, so save me the need to apologize while trying to remain politically correct for the sake of hyper-sensitive nitpicks.

So without further ado… to the rant-mobile!

*runs and trips*


Does being led through your entire youth hinder the country’s growth?

I think that the pattern of follow and memorize is a part of a good chunk of the population’s lives. While I do believe in respecting your elders and learning from them, I also believe (and quite strongly so) that it has slowly reached the point of selfish/controlling/hard-headed elders abusing the youth to do their bidding without considering the fact that they also have ideas that can change things to the better.

Blindly following orders/traditions/religions/television/Hollywood/crowds is a hindrance to “moving forward”. In that sense, tradition-stuck elders are a hindrance as well. Mind you, I am not speaking about traditions that define how something is to be done, but rather those that restrict what you can do.

Traditional ideas like being pressured into marriage, being pressured into being an engineer or doctor (because prime marriage material), not working unless it is an esteemed job that can be bragged about, not being an artist (because money is the spice of- nope), not walking (what are you, some sort of animal?), driving (because what would you talk about?). Well, anyway, I guess you get the point. Telling the youth what to do only makes them despise what they are forced into, especially if they are/were passionate about it. But alas, it is not good enough, what would the people say? I think this attitude of denying the youth of what they want to do can in some case make them bitter towards others, and can slowly drain them of their energy/passion towards anything, because the brain just avoids that idea all together, and it gets accustomed to being denied that dream (just a thought, really).

Some cases end up with the youth being unable to comfortably dedicate themselves to what they wish to pursue, which can lead to a lower standard in entertainment/craftsmanship, which in turn could also weaken the creative economy of the country. In a way, the lack of dedication eliminates a lot of potential creativity from making it onto the market (but thank you internet), and this in turn lowers the standards because of the lack of competition. Lack of competition leads to the fat champion who thinks he is at the top of his game, when, in reality, he is not even of the average group. But since nobody is trying to compete with such a heavy mass, to push him off the throne, we end up stuck with the Haifa Wehbe and Tamer Hosni among the other “greats” of the plastic image with a synth voice (and not good synth like dubstep or whatever, just unrecycled, unusable, radioactive waste) age.

Good thing there are some musicians who are able to contest with the “best” now, despite television still being hung-up on the “better days” of 60-year-old belly dancers and stale “performers” that rely on a shock factor to make a name for themselves. So things are starting to look up, and people who dared were actually able to inspire a new generation (that sings about nothing but love).

Maybe soon, more investors would get to them, and would let artists make some money with their work, so that their parents can approve of their lifestyle. To an extent, I think the youth should break away and be able to support each other in order to help the country grow, rather than follow a blind guardian based on his experience and scriptures from generations ago. Rebellion is what creates change, and change is always led by art, but who will invest in the generation but the members themselves.

Of course I might be wrong; maybe this whole issue with being forced to follow is to encourage the spirit of rebellion, I mean it is only natural that out of all the people being led through “their” lives, a few would not agree and take the other path; push someone into something, and they would push back to control the pace or to put the movement to a halt, and on the other hand, leave them hanging and they would ask for directions. So maybe give them a choice, no? The youth has access to the roots of the upcoming culture, and they would know what the future needs. At that point, the power and will of that generation would stand strong and allow for them to grow and invest in themselves. Maybe the older generations just want us to challenge ourselves and not give up, maybe we just have to show them that we have what it takes to take control over the mistakes they made; that we have what it takes to take over the tribe/pride.

Pushing the youth into a direction would only create resentment/frustration, in my opinion.

Maybe it is all just an inherited will, and what happens to you, you do to others, because that is the only secure way you know. But I believe it is time for the newer generation to get a say in what goes on in our country.

I have no idea how to make a good outro for this rant…




Support local artists, kids. And do not start smoking tobacco, It is bad for you, and it is harder to quit it than to avoid it.

Ah, crap I have to tag and categorize the post now…


I guess,




Just a piece I wrote a while back that I wanted to make into a song.

Yeah, yeah, it’s just some poetry. But I have a duty to post something since I didn’t post anything last week (especially since what I tried to post just crumbled into meaningless words).

Anyway, maybe you enjoy poetry.



An idea lost, yet
Another gained;

Lost in a mind twisted,
with none to blame.

And our time of clarity,
well it never came;

But now I know what
they never dared to say.


If I knew then, what I
know now, then I would have
dreamed longer so I could…

Be a hero.


Everyday in a city
to the west,

People silently watching
the world in stress.

After a day of struggle and a
hopeless divine test,

Comes a man to clean
up the mess.


Well he won’t come, and I
know now that I am
the observer in silence.

And I know all the wishes
of open seas, sails, and fishin’
are just regrets…

Of a hero.


Remember dreams remember
how it once felt;

Feeling you’re chosen before believing
in yourself.

Time to break away, time
to grow up, child;

You can’t change your past,
and you sure can’t change mine.


But oh stop being a villain;
look at all those blessed things that you’re given.
Why can’t you see?

From the bottom he’s risen;
bitter, trashed, sadly living but given:

Of a hero.


I guess,


Cheese for Ponders and Games

“Tell me… Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls? They say it’s the only time when our world intersects with theirs… The only time we can feel the lingering regrets of spirits who have left our world.That is why loneliness always pervades the hour of twilight…”

– The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Something about that quote that just really gets me pondering. I’m not a dweller on spirituality, but I really do love the idea of spirits actually being nothing but energy. Just energy that makes everything run. And just as energy transforms from one thing to the other, it happens with us. You die, your body turns into dust and returns to the earth, and your soul goes back to free-flowing energy. Yeah, I know the logic is very Final Fantasy-like (because it inspires me, and I love it), but I loved that idea ever since I was a child. It’s jut beautiful, humble, natural, unscathed, and not pestered with ego and a commander of all.

These words remind me of that feeling after a day of being assimilated by “normal life”; when you’re completely alone with your thoughts, somehow (yet for no logical reason) with a prevailing sense of gloom, without your loved ones, without your energy ebbing and flowing according to other fields created by the vibes of others. There comes a haunting loneliness on some nights, a quiet time, where any song seems to be deeper than it really is, more atmospheric, that makes you rethink everything you’re doing.

I always wondered if this happens to others, I’m almost sure that it does, but it’s just one of those things that you see/feel on your own and just enjoy (like floaters, for some strange reason). I always thought it was strange. I kind of always ended up not wanting to sleep, listening to “Fisherman’s Horizon” from Final Fantasy VIII, then just thinking for a long time. About nothing, and with no outcome.

It especially happens sometimes when you’re with your friends (or loved ones) and you’re not doing anything at all but sitting together, and you end up talking for a long time, just looking outside somewhere and hanging out. You can’t really recreate the energy of that moment (man, am I full of it or what…), but you feel it too, don’t you?

I honestly don’t know (do I ever) why or what it is I’m trying to say, but I just felt like saying something, really. And somehow, I think you get it.

I was once told: “if you feel something, it’s almost a sure thing that the other person feels the same energy you feel”. I guess now that I think about that piece of advice (don’t ask) we just all feel the energy of a place, and we all move it, and it affects others the same way it affects you, and you it.

It’s just a fun idea thinking of others as energy. That quote really got me going.


I guess,


Working Class Hippiversary

Creative title for another update post, eh?

But yeah! Such excites! In case you didn’t get what the title is trying to say (I won’t judge your tired brain), it’s been a year since the Working Class Hippie was born!

Well a year and 2 days, because I got distracted and forgot to post…

Oh and I got a new laptop!

Anyway, I won’t share this until later, because of the many political posts on my feed right now. I don’t really want to be that guy happy about his little blog while everyone is trying to “raise awareness” in the world by clicking. But it’s Thursday tomorrow, and nobody would read my happy rant which could potentially ruin the happy vibe in it.

But Saed, aren’t you going to talk about the pilot th-

No. Not going to discuss that at all. Yes, I know it’s a blogger’s goldmine of views when there’s something going on out there, but I (read: Ah) ain’ diggin’ it.

On to sentimental and teary feelings of joy towards the blog!


It’s interesting to see how it all starts and how it becomes, no?

Well It’s funny that it started with the idea of being much more professional, but hey, come on, who are we kidding, we all knew (we being the three people including myself that actually read the blog) that it was gonna take a slightly comical tone when it tries to make a “real” point, because I like it.

On second thought, I guess I won’t be sharing this post at all and try to post something worth reading this weekend. I think I’ve been posting too many updates and not enough work lately. But this isn’t just an update, right? It’s me expressing joy about the blog, and kinda giving myself a pat on the back. I actually enjoy writing here, and here’s to another year with little views, and more outcome.

Remember that painting that I mentioned wanting to do last weekend? Yeah… No. Maybe this weekend.

About the blog, though. I don’t think anyone enjoys reading about a person’s daily thought occurrences, but hey, it started as something for myself where I could just post thoughts, artwork, and (hopefully) music, and it’s still that. It’s just so much easier to be creative with words. Actually maybe I’ll post some of the recent poetry/lyrics I’ve been writing. Mind you (who…?), I don’t sing, but I would like to write some songs and play them then have someone sing over them and maybe I would like sing along or add some vocal harmonies or something like that.

(Random thought, though, is it just me, or are people really weird sometimes? Eh well… You can’t understand everyone’s reasons. Well I think I just got an idea for this weekend’s post.)

Guess that’s it for now, nothing to say, no doodles to share because I forgot to take the computer-USB-phone cable thing from a co-worker. But a good man, he is. Oh wait there’s Bluetooth, guess I’ll do it this weekend, too. Heh…

Happy anniversary, Blog. Here’s to a less half-assed year!

Aaaaaaand publish.




Creative class

Nope, not even attempting to make an intro this time, I’ll just step right in.

How can a country/city breed the creative class? With so many people struggling to get an income, the last thing on their mind is wanting to be creative. The youth, however, is an open group for such ideas. Injecting the pleasure of creativity into the youth could be a catalyst to bringing more creative people into the field. But it does remain that common people/consumers do not pay for the art due to the opportunity cost of doing just that (that, of course, is only true for certain classes that do suffer from such hindrance).

Maybe that will all change in time, with people slowly coming out of their shells and daring to feel safe on their own streets, rather than fearing judgement. It already is changing, isn’t it? The recent unfortunate events in Amman, I believe, has caused us to band together just a little bit more, but is it enough to allow people to feel enough comfort to push the limits of creativity in the country?

Understanding will spread and happen once people put themselves out there to be understood, rather than for them to remain hidden. Backlash and discussion is the pavement for a literally comfortable stroll on your own streets. Men having long hair used to be an odd thing, and while it still is to an extent, I think it’s a lot less of a big deal now, it’s more acceptable, that fact really just makes me consider all the change you can induce in a society by literally just being yourself and not trying to hard to shove your standards in someone’s face, without offending anyone. Silly isn’t it?

It’s just natural, think of all the people you see everyday, whether you talk to them or not, your physical expression is just as important as vocal expression, both of which do make an impression on people you meet. Understanding why someone scrutinizes something is how you can work your way around it, and change their opinion. I mean if people believe random things they hear on television, why would they not believe a person they talk to who has experienced a topic in discussion. At the end of the line, people are going to believe what they want to believe, and they will go on living as if it is their reality, because (especially in our time) you can easily dismiss something as a conspiracy theory, or go on saying something is not what it is because of a theory you know. Logic can be wrong if it was based on lies, especially in politics, so how can you not bring logic into a topic and explain why the other person is wrong? I think even people who seem like they have no sense of logic (which causes a lot of looking-down methods in our culture) do in fact have their own method of thinking, and are not as stupid as you think.

Well the point of the last paragraph was to say that no matter what happens, anything can be changed given there is someone to carry it out and push for it, the mere existence of the creative class right now will push for tons of changes in our scene, culture, and the economy. Sooner or later someone is going to bring better/affordable equipment and allow locals to get good equipment without having to ask someone to get it for them for cheap.

So again, just people to push for it. Just like they made a skate park, and in my eyes it marks a huge step towards a healthier public realm in a city where walking in the streets feels like public nudity. It’s not only the occasional comments that people hear, but the fact that nobody else is there, and that the path is not enclosed enough to give a sense of safety.

All that being said…

There will be no attention paid to anything unless it actually is being used. As long as you whine about the dead city while riding your car around somewhere, you are in a way perpetuating the poor design of the city.




I guess,


Update post!

Hah… yeah… I know I know… I said I’ll be posting weekly, but I’m late this week. And you know what that means! An empty post! I do have some drafts and stuff, but come on I really don’t want to stay up and type. I really don’t feel like it, but it’s kinda happening already.

Maybe I’ll write an update and rant a bit.

So here’s the thing, I have some ideas that I didn’t go through, and I’m hoping I’ll filter a good serious article out next week. Probably about one of these ideas:

  • Discussing the creative class’s value (and its perceived value) in Jordan.
  • Ranting about how Jordan is gonna become Saudi Arabia if the education system isn’t changed from the core. By the way, I don’t mean like we’re going to get rich, I mean our culture is going to become more enclosed.
  • Discuss LEED a bit, maybe even make fun of them for no reason and then rant about how I forgot to talk to my “superiors” about taking the test. Fack.

Now here’s the thing that kinda make this post worthwhile for me.

“All aboard the hype-train!”

Alright crickets, here it is! I am considering making another watercolor painting! Yeah! I know! Totally! Yeah! Right?! Yeah! Okay stop.

Seriously, though, awkward monologue aside, I kinda got excited to talk about the painting. So excited, in fact, that I chose to not go and take a picture of the sketch I made for it, because I was so paralyzed by excitement. But I like it, it’s a tad melancholic but I thought it looked nice and dramatic (as long as I can get some good contrast with my colors, I think it’s a challenge since I kinda play it safe while painting), so we’ll see. Now I just have to think about the colors and all. Bah, it does have a bit of that Vivi Ornitier painting vibe, now that I think about it, but I’ll make sure to try and give it a different character, and I want a different feel/scheme. So I think it’ll be nice. Hmm yes, it’s really coming together in my head. Now actually doing it is a different case.

I’ll try and start working on it this weekend. Oh maybe I’ll post a pic of its concept sketch along with some other sketches, to make up for this very well made post.

Alright that’s good enough, I’m sleepy (and very sorry for this post).

Okay I’m really not sorry, you don’t comment, this is a fair relationship we have, readers.




Sharing and Creating

Well the snow last week is no longer ruining our Jordanian lives! Although, as usual, there are rumors going around about snow coming next week. But what the hell do I know I’m just trying to write an introduction rather than slapping my idea in your face in the form of a question like some sort of cultist telemarketer.

Anyway, just so you know, I enjoy ‘splorin’ ideas, and this isn’t based on much research. So you can leave a complaint if you want, but I won’t read it if it’s stupid or judgmental.

Because we all know the scale is silly < dumb < stupid < judgmental idiot < dense, so you know…
… Science… *cough*

Unfunny, try-hard intro sketch… check…

Now an article!


Is over-sharing suppressing our creative drive?

What pushes you to say something if it’s all being said for you, and all you have to do is “click to feel”? I know it sounds pretty stupid and generalized, because it sort of is, but the essence makes sense in a way, I think. You’re driven towards a goal, then you just watch someone do it pretty well and you just feel satisfied afterwards (that’s the generalization, others would get motivated), and you feel like you did something for attaining the goal, satisfied and pumped with adrenaline for each like, fave, or re-tweet you get; it’s like you get rewarded for absolutely nothing, and I think it can become a habit maybe.

Share beautiful words to speak about things you could not, sharing majestic pictures to experience being there rather than having the drive and curiosity, statuses about how pissed you are rather than learning a bit of self-control and doing something about it. And here’s the thing, I do share; I share things I like or that I think can support certain things, and you could go and say “Ah, Saed, you’re a Self-damned hypocrite”, and I disrespectfully agree with you, just let me say this:

Don’t you think that if nobody was saying things that express you, that more people would work harder just to express themselves? Don’t you think that it would make them feel their ideas more and work harder to put them out there? Don’t you think that even fosters a sort of intimate relationship with your ideas, that could potentially help them grow and mature into something else?

Those silly, clingy ideas, eh?

Anyway, yes, awareness, learning about new things, a load of inspiration, and seeing new perspectives are all wonderful sharing perks, I know. Don’t stick yourself in a ditch and blame the blogging hippie on the internet for it, what I’m saying is don’t stop creating. I’m exploring the idea of “sharing so much, that you don’t have to create anymore”, I think it could ruin your ability to create in a way.

Maybe after a while of over-sharing, your brain stops being stimulated by what it sees as much, and all the over-flowing incoming influences just clog up the stream of ideas, because you don’t take them into yourself, but they just lay there unorganized. In that sense it’s logical when anyone says “boredom is the mother of creativity”. Maybe just letting things sink in to your brain would help, rather than having a ton of ideas that over-drive your mind.

Mind you, I have no idea if what I say is true (shocking).This idea of lower creativity would probably exist in hyper-sharing individuals or something, I just think it would do people some good if they went out of their way every now and then to do something creative or to express something in their own way; not for likes, but to explore what they themselves can do, and to see their own potential and ability. Man, that sounds cheesy…

Then again, that’s why there’s a market for art, right?

Well that sure sticks my ideas in the eye doesn’t it? Still, it does not mean you can’t create if you consume, and no art is “worse” because of its maker not being a full-fledged artist. Heck, don’t you like having someone make you a present? I think it shows more effort and care, and I still have all the cards people gave me a long time ago along with their presents, because it’s just more heartfelt that way.

Anyway, no art is worse because it’s less popular or something. This is especially true in our time due to (almost) everything becoming more affordable for (almost) every hobby. Sure a part of why that is so, is due to wanting to milk the potential cash out of (almost) every possible person in the market, but it’s also to give people the ability to do what they want, and to (F$%#!NG) enjoy it. Because, like spam, someone out of all the potential people buying “hobby-ware” (cool name for a shop, actually) will stick around and maybe even go pro, and give more money to the industry. But I digress (shocking).

We need locally-made equipment for pride and price reasons, or just any affordable equipment at least (that isn’t horribly made), to push the creativity of people, and sort of encourage them and give them the option. And of course, we would need public schools to start incorporating more creativity, and making school a less dreaded place where kids can actually do something recreational they enjoy, other than joyfully slapping books onto their heads until they get some memorized logic in there.

Everyone can be creative, given the tools. So it’s just a matter of initiative and courage; not being afraid to suck.


I guess,


Obligatory Ammani Snow-day Post

Aww but moooooom~…!

Nope, you have to, it’s tradition now. Just like the many illogical traditions we have, discussing snow in every conversation you ever have (before, after, or during said snow period) is an absolute must!

“But Saed I-”


Heheh… get it? No? Snow? Heh… Alright I’ll show myself out…

Anyhow, just like being pestered about getting married, getting a job, letting go of every dream, and becoming a doctor, you have to make a big deal out of snow. You just do. Why? I haven’t the foggiest.

Sure I can talk about how illogical it is, and how absolutely ridiculous people become when they go out in the middle of the damn blizzard like they’re on Jackass (the show, not the animal), then complain about not getting help; but that’s all part of the charm isn’t it?

Hail and foggy chaos with people scuttering home only to go back out later like children, unlike being at home and worrying about what to do, households watching the weather forecast 10 times a day, people whining about how everyone is making a big deal out of it, others saying it won’t snow nor hold (stick to the ground) so as not to jinx it. It’s all just a big fest for everyone, for some reason; it’s like a god-sent day off for Jordanians, and I am yet to find someone who seriously hates snow days in Jordan.

And at the end of it all, even after going out to play with the snow or whatever, you warm up at home with a nice cup of coffee and marvel at the beauty of the little fluffy water feathers floating along the wind. Except for the little poop who decides to go outside and walk in the snow and ruin the view for everyone else. But that’s life isn’t it? Just nature, with our footsteps in it, which then becomes snirt (source, “Snirt: Snow mixed with dirt”), and Amman goes back to being Amman. It’s all just part of Jordan’s charm; its people and their lack of logic.




Surprise Bus-es!

Well I’ve been away for a while, it was a sort of a break, I guess. I wouldn’t say a holiday or anything like that, it was just a “man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do” thing, really (bada-boom, bada-bing, eh, tony?).

If I ever want this blog to be anything I would have to be a bit more consistent with the weekly Friday posts. But fear not! I actually wrote a bunch of articles while umm…. nothing. I just wrote a bunch of drafts whenever I got ideas for posts. So I might post an extra piece sometime, but hey… hey, no I probably won’t, but I might. Going back to consistency is enough for now, right?

On with the show!

I guess to an extent I want the blog to be more serious and urban oriented, but I can’t seem to shake the comical tone out of my writing sometimes, and I hope you don’t let the tone disregard the ideas in the pieces, I’m not joking, I just like writing this way to make it fun. I do have other drafts that concern other ideas, but this draft started as a rant, and dammit I will rant about Amman and buses (read as “be-ooze-is” for funsies).

Oh and I really hope you get the joke in the title, I giggled at it for a good 3 seconds.


You know why we have a traffic problem? Because I would personally rather keep anyone I care about off the streets, where they would be endangered by rushing drivers or harassed by loitering drones misled by societal habits, or be left to waste time as they attempt to go home (I dare say) without a car. I think there are about 40% of the population who believe the same.

I think the authorities are trying to make people get off their cars, if they are not, then less-experienced fresh-graduates are more aware than they are (given that universities do teach about the importance of public realms rather than the mere “will” of a client). But I really doubt anyone could just not know things when they are in such positions of power, I think they know what needs to be done. Could they really not know? Am I jut being wishful when I say that? I just can’t comprehend the idea of people in power being ignorant, it’s just wrong.

I think the authorities at least know a bit about what they’re doing. Unlike many Ammanis, who always seem to think they know better than officials; who often overlook their own mistakes and cuss at others from behind their windshields (or fists if it gets really serious). Many in our society just tend to underestimate others, believing that their thoughts are the most relevant and correct, and that others (in this case: power figures) have no idea what they’re doing, when a lot of the time it just seems like baseless bashing, due to a lack of research. What I’m trying to say, is that many bash Jordan’s power figures, but why do you really think they’re so utterly stupid and villainous? Maybe the authorities are just out-dated, I really think so. Isn’t it time that the newer generations start running things along with the pas and mas? Or is it just out of the norm, that older, more experienced (and egotistical) people can be corrected by a potential-leaking youth?

Anyway, I think that to an extent, the authorities have an idea about what to do, this post is more about public transportation, not politics. Here’s what I think they’re trying to do:

  1. Make people follow the law by making it more risky to break it. Simple idea. Then again, how do you stop the traffic congestion from making breaking the law the best way out?
  2. Make it less feasible to drive cars everywhere, so as to make using public transportation more viable, which can be done by increasing the cost of gasoline. This, however, does not work if the public transportation is much less comfortable and unbearably unreliable, and has the clarity of a cup of coffee from a vengeful-looking coffee vendor, i.e. it looks dirty but you don’t know if it really is, I mean is it wet then dried dust or finger cheese on the handle? Why is the seat so black? Anyway, people just can’t put a price on their family’s safety/comfort, public transportation is just way too much of a hassle.
  3. Nope, that was it; that’s all that seems to be done. They did try making some street ads with a bus filled with “happy”, cartoony people saying that buses are better for you and your family. But come on, is that all?

Actions speak louder than words, and actions don’t show anything about improving public transit. Even the “Fast Bus” project (الباص السريع), in my opinion, is extremely wasteful and has was an unreasonable idea compared to fixing and organizing existing buses first. At least a bit of organization of the existing transit system would reduce some of the stress on the streets, and would make space for the damn “fast bus lane”, but the way it was about to be done near the Jordanian University just seemed like it’s an impatient attempt at fixing the whole problem instantly (impossible, don’t you think? It’s a lot deeper than that). Instead of wasting (maybe that’s a subjective choice of word, but I think it was a waste) all that money on a poorly studied attempt, they could have paid for more bus drivers to fill in time gaps, or to create settlements with private buses who don’t really have a schedule at all, to kind of get them on their side, maybe even provide service to areas with no easy/affordable connection to the city. But why didn’t they?

I find it strange really, especially since in recent years, and with the “green uprising” public transportation has become key in fixing existing social and traffic problems, I don’t get where the investment in the public realm is, it should be the best time for it, unless they’re just waiting for “security problems” to pass or something, such that their transparency about their plans would not mean more risk but more trust from the public. Truth is, nobody is going to invest in public transportation, the government has to do it for its own well-being, and it’s about time that government-provided facilities become cleaner and more efficient than privatized, over-priced, and polarizing ones.

Well those were my 2 groosh.

We’ll see what happens in the future, I guess, I’ll just assume and think about it until I find out if my thoughts made sense.

…Or perhaps I’m pushing so hard to put happenings into perfect sense, it’s just producing pretexts to poorly pondered planning policies.