I won’t stuff an idea into this, but it’s just the first milestone, right?

While I don’t quite like to be one to flaunt his personality, but I guess I will just go on and use it add some content for the first post.

I am not someone who writes just to go like “oh hey guys, look at me and how original I am”, truth is I am just trying to have a place to add any idea of mine that I think is worth a… thought. And if I share it, that’s because I am curious to see where people stand when it comes to certain ideas.

I am an Arab, architecture major, fresh grad (at this time at least); I have dreams, ideas, and hopes.

I hope that this blog will grow up to be the place where I don’t try too hard to get people to understand me, and the place where my brain can just do/say whatever it wants without needing to say something to explain itself. It really just is an outlet for me.

This is where I can be as selfish as I want.

I do hope that this will be the home for my art, when I start doing my own personal musical projects or sketches, so we’ll just see what the future holds.


Salam and cheers,



About saedt

An immature empath, a music hobbyist, an architect, and a dreamer.

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