Of Sandseas and Iced deserts

So I just wrote this and thought it was interesting, and I figured why not, right? Right! Take it any way you want, I just thought it was an interesting idea to play around with using words. Actually maybe I’ll look through some old stuff of mine and see if I find anything worth posting sometime later.

I would start this 365 days of poetry but I thought to myself: “no”.
So no! ^-^




I am the sand that burns
… the air that breathes
… the earth that builds
… the death that lives

I am the ocean that swells
… the heart that breeds
… the waves that float
… the life that gives

I am the eye and beholder
… the rolling boulder
… the tree that breaks
… the earth below her

I am the birds, the leaves
… the dawn, the eve
… the drought, the flood
… the eyes that believe

I am the frozen desert
… the heartless effort
… the dying passion
… of days without worth

I am the wind when it’s breezy
… the arch when it groans
… the gold when you’re freezing
… the words when you’re alone

I am the dry trees
… and their wet heavenly beads
I am the wavy mud
… and the stains of its blood

I am the earth’s veins
… the cure for pain
I am the mother’s skin
… the cleansing of sin

I am the oppression of pain
… the rage against the river
I am the quenching sustain
… the calming of anger

I am the wetlands
… the dust’s might

I am the tundra’s sands
… a snow of blight


About saedt

An immature empath, a music hobbyist, an architect, and a dreamer.

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