“Leave you speechless” Videos

In light of the many videos you see being passed around, as one would comics or everything which else taken lightly in our time, I thought I would rant a little bit about it.

Why? Because I think that knowledge in our time is so easy to come by, that it loses its impact. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful that you could discover so much in our time, such that you could even raise yourself if you have a moral compass and a bit of social ethics. But it’s just like how the Palestine-israel conflict; after a long time of battles and losses, it ended up being another homeless person you see on the street but don’t help.

It’s either that or we’re just desensitized to everything that happens because we don’t deal with each other directly as much as previous generations. When if you saw someone get beat up they would be getting beat up in front of you rather than on a screen where you could easily shield yourself from it and have no pressure of a reaction, back when protests were when they had enough of something not something to do as soon as something started and they haven’t even had time to so much as think about how to cope with it.

Earlier today I saw a video about how the chickens are taken to be slaughtered and how it’s all just a mass produced thing for us to feed ourselves, and how inhumane corporations are when it comes to making money. And the thing is: These corporations aren’t running on their own, you know. Chances are if you live in a city, all the meat you get is treated just like that. If you share a video like this, and you still don’t buy “free-range” products, you’re pretty much contradicting yourself. It’s understandable when people share it because it’s so sad, but your sharing means nothing if it is not followed by action. My point is, if you are against how these corporations treat your food, don’t support them. If you don’t believe that the “free range” products are in fact “free-range”, then you’re just feeding yourself some “chicken alla lies” to avoid doing what you think is right. Even if the corporation making mass-meat is the same one making the free-range meat, you eating the free-range meat would support the idea more, and well it says something more than just shutting up and not even trying to make a right choice. There are groups who try to ensure that “free-range” meat is actually “free-range”, but “free-range” meat is not available everywhere in the first place.

Then there you are, sharing a video going “wow” or “oh my god poor cows”, but truth is, your words are useless unless your sharing actually inspires one person to do something. And if you don’t do something yourself, you’re just a hypocrite. It’s like sharing a link to donate money, but not donating money yourself. It’s that typical “do as I say, not as I do” syndrome our generation seems to have. So we just copy and paste the link with a “what is this world coming to” look in our eyes, and we click that share button while exhuming our dead breath out of our dead souls, and automatically feel better as if we contributed to something, never having the feeling of urgency to fix something.

No matter what happens, actions do speak louder than words. If you want to provoke thoughts and make an impact in a certain field, do it right. Sharing is good because it spreads the idea, and that’s a huge advantage for our generation, but if everyone shares and likes, and nobody takes action, what’s the point?

Because truth is, that effort is what makes a huge difference, even if it is an effort to fake your way through it.

Make your words count, right?


I guess,



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