I don’t mean to be a hippie, (but I really do, because I am, kinda) but I have to say, that the impact that technology has on our lives can not be denied; you can take it positively or negatively, but there are somethings that you just can’t deny.

Sure it’s positive, sure you can reach whoever you want whenever, sure you can keep relationships alive. But doesn’t that rid us of all the excitement that being apart brings? How can you appreciate something if you never lose it or taste the thought of its loss?

Doesn’t that make separation so bearable, such that people who are far away end up experiencing a part of each other that is born out of nothing but consequences (which are meant to disappear when reunited)?

Does technology and the comfort of communicating without a need of physical work not make us too lazy to talk to humans?

The lack of direct human communication, does it not make us weaker and more easily broken?

Does that technology not allow for people to take knowledge for granted?

Wouldn’t it be better if the knowledge we wanted was earned, such that we would be careful where our energies were wasted?
We would never waste our energy somewhere where it would not give us a benefit, but now we do because it “entertains” us.

When was entertainment a primary human emotion?

When did we all become so self-centered, such that we expect to earn without giving and interacting?

When did we become so pathetic, such that we fear for our children’s health when we let them play outside, but we do not worry about their future when we lock them up in a cement cage?

When did getting beat up by the local bully become a horrible thing? When did it become a standard, that we should have an unbalanced eco-system where it is all good, and life would be nothing but a pulse-less, dead, pig in the lawn rather than a raging bull in the heart of every child, wishing to explore and play outside?

When did ugly, bad environments become a disadvantage rather than a place where kids would play and experience their own strengths and weaknesses, and the advantages and disadvantages of having friends? Such that it even allowed them to understand what it is to have people you care about and people who care about you?

When did walking become a sin, and facing bad people become the threat we need to face for going through our lives, rather than a daily battle that never stopped us from doing anything and merely proved our determination and understanding?

When did a 20-something year-old know this, while parents cowered in their bedrooms?

When did people write their thought out in public, hoping for praises rather than a discussion?

When did people hope to change the world by not doing anything?

When did we lose respect to older people?

When did older people lose respect to our instincts and the process of growth, which they had and lost?

When did we become slaves to everything around us, and lose control of our own lives?

When did a community with the same ideas signify life, rather than a society that has its many different faces and curses which end up complementing its personality?

When did we lose our balance?





About saedt

An immature empath, a music hobbyist, an architect, and a dreamer.

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