“Do as I say, not as I do”

Sometimes it just feels like Arabs love talking, but don’t do as much. Why? Is it because it’s too much responsibility for them to actually take actions based on their thoughts? Because if they’re wrong, they’re screwed, probably. It seems like not that many of our generation are made to take risks and go for any idea they have. That’s why if a kid does something wrong, parents should try and be easy on her/him, not be “yee 3eib” about it, probably scaring the kids out of every attempt in their future. Teach them to try and learn from experience, right? I don’t know but it just seems like that’s how it should be. Let them get hurt, beat, bullied, until they fight back for themselves rather than waiting for something to happen. How else are they going to toughen up? Well it’s not by you fighting their battles for them.

I am also like that. I would rather talk, unless someone was willing to take the risk of losing, and if they won’t be too hard on me afterwards. It’s a bad habit not risking anything at all and playing things extremely safe. This talking and not doing thing is probably why some people don’t take criticism very well. Because they know, that their talking is all they have, and if they did an action once, that isn’t good enough, it feels bad, because it wasn’t right.

A friend of mine once told me that smarter people tend to hesitate more than (let’s call them) “less intelligent” people. But why is that, though? True, we are never 100% knowledgeable about every single thing we involve ourselves in, but isn’t it part of learning and “growth” to just make mistakes and then say “oh okay, my bad, how should I do this?” when you make one?

“Not here, kid! You better fight back to the bitter end of them disregarding your ideas!”

I’m not saying give up whenever someone says “no” to you, just at least try and understand why they say “no”. You’ll be shocked to see how many teachers actually tell you why without raising their voice and how they actually want you to learn. There is a huge difference between discussing and talking back, and they sense that in your tone when you talk. I must admit though, some jurors are there just to make a big fuss and to give themselves an ego boost; I bet they were those people who would argue with teachers for no reason.

“Oh I actually wanted the bathroom not to have a door, I wanted the people to truly feel the urgency of peeing.”
“You’re kidding right?”
“No, I like to take things to the extreme.”
“This is an elderly home.”

2 minutes later…

“Oh my god they’re so annoying!”

If this is you, I dislike you.
Point is, why is it annoying? You made a mistake, man up and just take responsibility; you need to focus more, or learn more, whatever. Nope, never admit that you made a mistake and that you could have done things differently. The things we learn in university are just habit-makers (the way I see it). And when a healthy design becomes a second nature for you, you will become more fluent with the architectural language. Makes sense doesn’t it?

“It does it really does.”


I guess,



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