Humans of Amman

So I’m sure many of you have seen this page called “Humans of Amman”. If you haven’t, you should.

I won’t explain what it is, but I just wanted to give it credit for what it does really. And what this “rant” is about is just a comment that I read on the page. That comment being:

باللهِ حدا يعمللنا “[هيومنز اف عمّان]” زي العالم و النّاس .. بالمرة الصفحة ما بتعبر عنا .. إحنا الناس العاديين .. بتجبولنا صورة واحد مع كلب .. أو بنت مش خايفة من بسه و بتقول أنا مش فايعه ! يعني بصراحة وقبل شوي بنت مع إمها و بتحكيلها أحلى إشي الشباب .. والله لو أحكي هيك حكي قدام ماما غير تعدمني .. جيبو صورة لزلمة ختيار ببيع كعك من صباحية ربنا عشان يسترزق . جيبوا صورة للناس وهمه واقفين طوابير يجيبو فطور حمص وفلافل و خبز .. مش عارفة كيف عم بتحاولوا تطلعوا هيومنز أوف أمان .. بس أنا متأكدة إنو إحنا أهل عمان مش هيك .. و أكيد كل الاحترام لإلكم .. بتمنى تركزوا عالمحتوى أكتر

Well it does make sense that someone does see people like that as not well-representing of Amman, but I thought she was extremely nitpicking for no reason at all. But I guess it just goes to show how there are two completely different sides that are oblivious to the other culture. Maybe someone like her does not even know that probably 40% of Amman’s citizens are regular drinkers. And I’m not just talking about “high class” people here, but also “underground” drinkers who don’t say they drink because it’s instilled in them that it’s “3eib” (not wrong, but 3eib). And those people make up a big part of our culture don’t they? It’s not like the “night clubs” are only for those who can afford to go out and drink at a nice place, but there are (excuse my choice of word) “lower class” people who do so as well.

Now those people would be pretty representative of Amman as well wouldn’t they? Nope! We want more simple-minded boring people! Why should we show that some girls don’t like to be seen as overly girly and whiny? Why should we show the positive people who still have a bit of dreams? Why should we show the young man who actually reads for pleasure (now that’s a rare sight, eh?)? Aren’t all those people part of Amman? Even the annoying bastards who hit on women or whatever, aren’t they the negative in the city that allow us to appreciate the better people?

Anyway, to the person who left that comment (who probably could represent a big chunk of sheltered Ammani citizens), I say this:

“I don’t think that you have the right to judge what our culture is. I think you are nitpicking at the pictures, and I love the variety they show. I think that part of the group’s idea is to show simple people and how they can somehow have a depth that people don’t see when they only take glimpse at them and judge them.

That being said, not every single person in Amman’s mother would be angry by someone saying that, and that is the state that Amman is in right now: we are changing the entire time. This group celebrates this variety.
Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t mean to offend you, please don’t take my ideas the wrong way. If you want to see pictures of the people you see everyday to represent us, go outside like you do everyday. But the extra depth we see in this group due to the variety (even those you didn’t think represent us), are actually what represents our city as a collective.

Did you see the pictures of the Egyptians working in the streets? Or the salesmen in downtown? Or the homeless person asking for a sandwich? Or the guy working as a city cleaner when he has cancer? Or the man sitting with his child in the street? Or the kid buying books and actually saying he enjoys reading?

I think you should really give this group more credit, because you only noticed the negative things (which is apparently variety and trying to cater to what other people want).

I hope I did not offend you by talking in English or by my thoughts.
Have a great day.”

Now that I think about it, I should have told her that she should send a picture of herself along with a caption, now that would have been interesting. To celebrate that type of person as well; the average citizen.

Here is a picture from the group that I found to be one of their best:

Credit goes to the "Humans of Amman" group

Credit goes to the “Humans of Amman” group



This goes to show how this kind of interaction is actually positive, if people stopped thinking to themselves and dared to talk back nicely to discuss ideas:

“LOL, no of course I’m not offended . I know that Amman has changed and its not the Amman that used to be before . also I do appreciate what people are doing here… but at the same time why do I feel like some captions are not representing us as Jordanians at all ? … You can’t forget our principles and traditions, what’s wrong and what’s 3eeb right? … So no need to go wild with these captions. I might accept such captions if we were Syrians or Lebanese no matter how much Amman have changed”

And now it feels like I’m the judgmental person, sadly. She does make a good point, actually. Truth is, people like her help people stay rooted down to our culture and not stray too far. Whether you agree or not is another story.

*High fives all around*


I guess,



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