Media and Politics

Typical essay material right there, am I right? Let’s get to it.


Just a while ago (back when the Syria thing was the talk), was having a conversation with a friend about some politics; you know, the usual catching up on your politics through people you know are intelligent enough to think for themselves rather than gobbling up whatever the media tells them. And of course, as I do most of the time lately, the ending remark I have after hearing whatever news there are (even if I read them somewhere online) is: “Well, I guess we’ll never find out.”

But nope, everyone knows already! Out come a bunch of people who have no idea what to think, but each side tends to choose whatever works best for it (I don’t support any ideas):

“Pathetic right? Obviously Bashar has been a target of the US because his country was economically and independently stable!”

“Ohhh right… Bashar is clearly power-drunk and just wants to protect his current position! Oh humanity is disgusting!”

“Wait, I mean, oh of course the rebels are just deployed there by the Muslim Brotherhood who are trying to take over our world!”

“No… that’s not right… the “Zionists”(the people’s favorite and most successful villains) are conspiring to take down the Arab countries in order to take over the world!”

“Look at this poo-brain, dude everyone knows there’s nothing going on there at all!”

Seriously… If anyone watches the news, it’s only a matter of brainwash tactics and good coverage (aka. marketing) to make someone believe them. That’s if these people watch more than one channel for their daily does of news. Many just choose their channels based on chit-chat and word of mouth; relatives, friends, or co-workers. And there you go, a huge group of people with no idea about who to believe or who’s right and who’s wrong.

Then BAM there’s a huge amount of people, with the same amount of brains and the same culture, who only disagree about their ideal solution to the many problems in the world; because nobody knows exactly what the truth is so that they could even try and convince people. How could they, really? There can be no concrete proof in our time; no concrete story; no real coverage of what’s going on. Hell, even if it IS a real/honest coverage, nobody would know if it is. Almost everything can be faked, and the only way is to try and analyze what exactly people (or a specific person) would do in such a situation. A rock-paper-scissors game between peoples’ minds trying to know what the other is thinking in reaction to their thinking’s thinking.


I would love to be an idiot who goes out to protest without knowing if it’s for a valid reason. There’s so many people who protest, it’s not effective anymore. It’s like going to the gym when you’re pissed; you let it out and feel better about yourself afterwards. A protest would never be effective unless it’s well-organized and people know exactly what it’s all for. Oh and if you knew everyone there by name.


I for one don’t take sides, but truth is, even if I had an opinion, I would not even state it, it’s a waste of time and energy to argue with someone when both of you have no idea what is truly going on.

“Oh but why? The truth must come out!”

Because, my brain-dwelling friend, even if you do have sources or whatever, even they can’t be trusted, because everything can be faked. With brilliant detail. Again, if they were right, nobody would just have a sudden realization and leave everything he/she was fighting for. Not to mention that governments know how people think and (based on something I read on the internet, go figure) could get people to disperse ideas on the internet and help make them more dominant. Even if they don’t, the fact that this idea is out there, could give people the ability to prove or disprove everything you read. Obviously you can believe or not believe it. I am completely indifferent, and that is after a long long time of tugging and pulling on ideas hoping to get logical reactions, but there is absolutely no true logic in a world of media and politics.

And then after indifference, I just ended up thinking that we should just breed empathy rather than politics and a set-track of thoughts and dramatic beauty to keep a thinker’s mind occupied. I think-… No, I believe people believe what they want to believe; sometimes you could even smack someone in the face with the truth (whatever the dickens that is) and they would tell you to stop insulting their intelligence. And in a world where ideas are passed around as carelessly as high fives, I don’t blame them; it could really ease your mind to ignore everything.

And there you have it, people arguing over dumb little things, instead of learning about different angles and tolerating. Although the future is bright, me-thinks. I believe it all just mixes up to make a balance, no? Does it matter? Well that’s a whole other piece of writing.


Side-note: People overusing perfectly imperfect is annoying.

*mutters* Stupid media spreading things without their personal value but rather shoving it into a million of values… Oh hey there’s another idea for a post!





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