Media Responsibility

I used to be pretty sure it was “truth and knowledge for all!”, but isn’t it anything but that right now? It’s really just a tool overall, and it just depends on who’s “using it”. Its glory of reporting wars and what happened is actually in question now, too. Since the idea of manipulating people via the media was there since World War I (probably even way before that).


I mean it pretty much is “truth”, and then they just add brackets to everything they say and hide it. I imagine it as something like:
“Well but indeed! For freedom of speech, we report everything we find out (as long as it is interesting for people and thus ratings)!”
“Of course, we tell you nothing but the truth (as long as our [old man] doesn’t wanna hide it)!”
“Yeah this is how everything is going out there, it’s unbelievable (well literally… you can’t believe it, you can’t be dumb enough to do so, oh wait…)!”

Then again it’s a coin toss (in my opinion) about if they’re right or not, because even an honest news source could be fooled by false sources, and could even be mistaken for a dishonest one.

Now maybe it’s like this in certain areas, but the idea is the same. Nevertheless, when it happens, is it good that all this is being hidden? Do people really want to know what is going on? Do people really want to feel bad about themselves? Do we enjoy being reminded that people are still dying in the Palestine-Israel conflict?

So is it the media’s responsibility to show people what they wanna see, or rather what the government wants them to see? Should they give them what makes them feel good, or rather what is truly happening and hope for the people to make a change? Or is it just better to hand their minds to a third party who will speak for them and do what they think is right?
Is it the media’s responsibility to give them something more easy to deal with as the bad news, rather than the bad news of something incurable, or agencies keeping information away from them, or agencies spying on them?

I don’t know if you can say that there is in fact a “responsibility” that they respect anymore, since the media is just a tool now, it’s not as honorable as a (for example) a blog with principles, and well if a media outlet reports the entire truth they will be hated by one side for being biased for the other side. They don’t really have a reason to “think of the children!” if they are reporting nothing but the juicy truth, which is probably how they ended up being a tool in the first place; to be used by people with principles.

For example, celebrity scandals that concern a young teen idol doing drugs. The parents get all riled up and angry about how this “role model” is ruining the children. But isn’t it technically the media that showed that image? I mean they could have kept that celebrity’s image untainted, and let the kids like and copy them to “their” heart’s content. But they went and released a video of them doing something horrible, ruining that idol for more than just a while. Maybe it’s intended to help people “grow” out of their childhood and innocence, maybe it’s just to distract? Or maybe it’s the only thing they’re able to “freely” talk about without anyone telling them “oh umm… no you can’t say that, it exposes our bum”. Nope, it exposes other people’s dirty laundry, so it doesn’t threaten the stability of the system by say – oh I don’t know – introducing ideas that aren’t already prepared against (hooray freedom!).

But should the parents be angry at the “idol” for doing drugs? Or should they be angry at the media for covering the story like it actually mattered what this celebrity is doing? Maybe they should not be angry at all, and should just talk to their kids and raise them; I mean raise them instead of the kids having to look up to other people rather than spending time with their parents. and being unaware of how it is to be involved in something rather than watching it.

Hey, I’m probably just generalizing and running my mouth about nothing; but parents are better off raising their kids rather than their television doing it. At least it would create more refined personalities rather than typical ones.

“Shut up you damn hippie!” 

Well after all that I can imagine the media being portrayed as little tiny lemmings and a king lemming that’s 10 times their size collectively, sitting on his throne, too fat to check his own backside so he threatens the little ones to do it.


I guess,



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