International day of Happiness!

Yeah, so that exists (You’re welcome)!

If that in itself did not make your day a little bit better, then well… I can’t help (unless you really admire my writing and I just helped). Anyway, apparently you’re supposed to dedicate this day to try and make yourself happier! If you’re unhappy with your life, then this day is supposed to remind you of what happiness is for you; so you should go and make a goal for next year, preferably something that (you think) will make you happy.

So go on now, have a nice little existential crisis and think about your life and what makes it worth living for yourself. Weather it’s just the existence of a purpose, helping others, teaching, being with someone, being someone, being in a place, or whatever. Yeah just like a “happiness resolution” or whatever; you know?

Sure you can call it a gimmick or a potty or whatever, but truth is, these days are just there as a reminder for people who end up ignoring their “blessings”. So go on now, remember what happiness is and cry yourself to sleep, or smile for realizing how many things in your life actually make you happy. Well it’s pretty neat when you think about it really.

Me? I’ll just keep my goals to myself, and share my thoughts instead.

Have a happy life!





About saedt

An immature empath, a music hobbyist, an architect, and a dreamer.

2 responses to “International day of Happiness!”

  1. biochicklet says :

    I will love to make an acquaintance of an empath. This post is just what I need right now. Every day lately, I have had to struggle with grief. What helps me
    most is to express the pain in a small way and then to Let It Go. Yesterday, I
    brought home the house plant my dead friend gave me. I put it in my new house. He told me that I have a nurturing way and that it would thrive next to
    me in that room. Unfortunately that room was very cold over the winter. Here
    it will get lots of sunshine and attention. Happy Spring to you.


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