Googly Brains

Well it’s obvious isn’t it? We all use Google for everything. Even me. Can you blame our “generation” for Google-ing almost everything we get curious about? I doubt it, nothing is born out of nothing. Hell, even this piece is inspired by an article that someone shared on the internet.

So anyway, in this article this lady was telling people to explore their lives, and how millennials (that’s what they call people of “Generation Y” apparently) need to keep their phone off the table when they’re with their friends and stop over-sharing everything. Actually she made a few points that I agree with, I mean seriously, if you’re having so much fun with your “bestie”, why are you posting it and sharing it rather than enjoying it?

It’s none of my business, and none of anyone else’s to judge either, so I’m just going to continue on to the point of the post. She mentioned an interesting idea in the article. The fact that we all Google everything that we’re curious about. Which is true, but then she recommended that it’s better to read a book about it, and do some “whole-hearted” (I’m paraphrasing here by the way) research.

Now here is where she lost my complete attention. I mean here we are, a completely detached generation, with a whole buck-load of globalization and media injected into us, by previous “better” generations. We are only adapting to what is around us. There you are, parading on your soapbox (like every other self-righteous “writer” out there [myself included when I state my opinion, really]) like it were a king’s mobile throne, as if you know all; as if you know what’s wrong with our generation, and why we are so lazy or “bad” or whatever.

Google is a fountain of knowledge, I do not see what the problem with Google-ing is at all. People would then have had problems when books came out and said “man it’s better to learn by trial and error, these books are way too easy, you don’t appreciate the work when you only read about it”. And it’s probably true, but is it the generation’s fault? No. Did all the parents try preventing people from using books and reading? Absolutely not, you would be dubbed ignorant. Now let’s see our generation. Do you let your kids play with tablets and phones? Do you make them play with books? Toys? Well whatever you make them deal with is exactly what they’ll adapt to [my logic thinks so at least]. We grew up playing on computers, and we can plug the monitors, “mice”, and keyboards into the back of a PC case with ease. We were put near these objects that we are know familiar and used to, you think it’s wrong? Then you should have kept us away from it. But the truth is, we “have to be familiar” with them, because they are what is coming up on a daily basis in our lives, and we don’t want to be considered ignorant.

The thing is, it may be right, and I’m pretty sure that in one of my “articles”, I was against the sultrifying of knowledge in such that it has actually lost its weight for many people since it’s so easily attainable (thus possibly lowering efficiency and confidence in what a person knows). But it’s a matter of agreeing and disagreeing until studies prove it. Is it ruining our memory? Probably, yes.

Feel free to go look for a study on Google about it, because I won’t research it, I’ll go buy a book about the effects of technology on people and spirit in the work place and not publish this until I finish it. Yeah… Would you really do that instead of Google-ing it? None of my business, but I sure won’t [and I won’t Google it either, heh…].

Even if the generation is “Google-brained”, it’s a part of the adaptation to the world around us. With companies and employers wanting more people like that, you can’t blame the generation for wanting that kind of person, because that means that (to an extent), these people are more up-to-date with all the new trends and happenings. Do you think an architecture office would want someone who does not know how to draft on architectural software? Of course not! They want people who get work done as fast and as efficiently as possible. Sure they give you nods of respect in juries for using your hands rather than a PC; but would they hire someone who didn’t know how to PC-draft? It’s probably far-fetched.

So before you start telling people not to do things, make the world not ask them to. Oh wait you can’t (not easily actually). Then try to at least take the reality of the current “life” into consideration. Because you can blame our older generation for putting us in the situation and you can blame us for not caring enough since it’s much easier to just Google stuff. But this is where our world is going, and that’s the way it is.


Soon enough, there will be a post-cyber or a post-Google movement calling for new moderated use of technology or a better educational system that would force people to use their brain more intensely to force it to grow. There are already architectural movements being optimistic about technology and trying to mix it harmonically with the buildings, so that it wouldn’t be seen as a completely negative thing.

And you know what that is? That’s the creation of pulse. It’s life being created. You can be with or against the use of technology, even be against using your phone, throw it away, express your mind however you want, live in an Amish community, burn your house and go live in a tent (since using houses built for you, deny you from the ability to build your own house right?), you can eat micro-chips and install googly eyes instead of your real ones. In the end you just go with the flow by doing what you believe, even if you’re doubtful of where the future will take you, and both people with or against the situation create the magnetic field to propel us forward as humanity.

Okay I’m done.


I guess,



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