Jolly Rogers

Jolly Rogers

Well I’m a One Piece fan, and being inspired by the Jolly Rogers in the anime itself, I made a few for a few friends, and one for myself.

The idea in One Piece is that the flag bears your conviction, it represents what drives you. So I thought I would make my own to be represented by a guitar and T-square; art and architecture; freedom and planning; expression and responsibility.

The other ones were kinda what I would imagine them as, with what they’re into (hobbies or whatever). The one on the top left is not complete yet, the friend is really into chocolate but I don’t know how to add it there as something umm… characterized.

Well I kinda imagine that if they were an anime character they would be pretty related to the Jolly Rogers over here so… how am I going to throw a chocolate in there and make it feel characterized…?

Anyway. They were fun to do.


About saedt

An immature empath, a music hobbyist, an architect, and a dreamer.

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