Found this piece of writing today, I haven’t had anything that I felt strongly about lately (except for being pissed at the university’s registrars for not picking the damn phone up), I’ve just been keeping up the 3-hour practice schedule everyday.

I will probably be doing research soon on “Heterotopia” again because I started a post about it when I started the blog but never got to finishing it and connecting it to Amman. It’s annoyingly complicated for some reason, I can’t seem to dumb it down for myself to get a practical grip over it. I discussed it with a friend and I understood a part of it but… It’s just not influencing my thinking and analysis.

Well then, I hope you enjoy this piece, I thought it was interesting really. It’s kind of obvious but hearing the idea in class once kind of drove me to ramble on and write this. So stating the obvious isn’t as bad as you think really, you just like to put people down and feel like you’re smarter than them.



Technically speaking, everything in our lives is a reaction to everything around us, pretty much like BF Skinner said. We’re more reactive than proactive, and any proactivity we have in us has been provoked by previous influences. and the chance of a certain reactions is determined by other influences. Each influence increasing the probability of a reaction, and thus the readability of a person.

That’s why people who witness more violence when they’re young are accustomed to it.

Specification is the future, Jacks of all trades are not what bring strength, unless they are to be leaders. You can see that in many European countries, even their hobbies, they go full-on into it. They love something when they’re kids and they stick to it. Maybe it’s the way they were raised. But us, we have so many different cultural and educational influences in our lives that we have become a very fragmented society. Further fragmented by the different combinations of influences that we have in our lives, Creating many radicals (mind you, even atheist radicals, not only islamists).

Influences at a younger age have a bigger effect. Pretty much like levelling up in games; it’s faster and you learn more at a lower level than when you grow up. The more multi-disciplined you are, the more time you need to master. So much more. Because back then you find something you like and you learn it and get entertained learning it and working with it and experimenting. Everyone had a passion, everyone had something to do. Now you can be and learn anything. And all the knowledge you get is shared by everyone, everyone knows everything and everything is nothing because every conversation you have is the same. Everyone is talking about the same stuff, everybody knows the same topics and is following the same trends. Popular things are everyone’s and we own nothing, things become popular by a click rather than hard work, and media and selling are all that matters. Sex is an unattainable image that people look to because they see it everywhere else, hence it sells; because it has sold before, and it will keep selling until there is a conscious action to sell in another way.

Because last time you read an “original” idea it was sold to you by hollywood’s followers who say things because they should rather than because they believe it. It is the time of belief by imprint rather than belief by faith; Science as a weapon rather than science as interest; Money as food rather than a means to an end.

We will agree with everything we are currently hearing because our culture was too icky for hollywood, so now we are unsure of how acceptable it is. We lack beliefs because we wish to do other things that look better. We are not in control of our own lives, our leaders are not leading us anymore, and I think we definitely need to take our own futures into the direction we wish. Maybe this is the time which leads to the historicist breakthrough for everyone, hence the muslim brotherhood is on the rise and are hanging on to the culture we once had (religion, go figure). We will need the 2 extremes for this time, so that we can finally have the perfect balance we yearn. I give jordan 20 years max and it will be able to rise as a nation that is only if it is well-planned. Dare I say I think a civil war or some big meanie to be the main evil image is the next step to unite us? We’ve had that kind of meanie for a long time (israel) but it still fails as it is more on a political level, and is not a tangible threat to us as we have never needed to fight for our freedom like those before us. Bin laden was the meanie for america, who was supposed to make the whole country band together to fight terrorism.

Who is it for us? is it even possible to defeat our meanie from our position? we are a powerless country, meaning we would have a much stronger comeback and banding if we ever get rid of our “meanie”.

I think the closest thing we have to that is hollywood and the loss of culture. And we are well on our way to defeating the loss of culture, although we are rather accepting it and adapting to it (we use western references in our reclamation of culture). We are using the western culture in our own culture to soothe the pain of losing our roots. The existence of anti-west people is what helped keep us rooted down.


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