As interesting as concepts are, I think there is a fine line that people sometimes ignore; concepts are born out of our world, and they shouldn’t be superimposed on it if it isn’t made for it. Of course it’s important to put it out there as “paper architecture” or “paper designs”, what else is going to push the limit of the human mind (apart from drugs of course).


Aren’t clothes supposed to fit people rather than the other way around? And at least, if you’re going to force your client to compromise and wear what they hate with the excuse of “get with the program” or “all the cats are doing it”, make it humane. Your audience should not be weighing the same as an empty, bloody organ to wear your clothes. Or at least conceptualize something for your audience before you say “oh they are so unaware of my geniality” (I guess geniality is a word).

Same with architecture. The moment your concept is choking people’s culture, it’s just as bad as Nazi architecture really. Just imposing something that isn’t there. But of course you have to impose if you wish to create change. Then again there is a difference between creating a parking-less building to motivate a lower use of cars, and creating a building that is meant to be shelter without having the factors that make it one (like warmth in winter).


If you see a need to lie about your project, the process you went through to make it was utter crap.

Also if this is about the concept phase, that’s just something to create an aim for you as an architect. They ask for it in uni submissions so that they use it to see how well you transformed your own vision (from an image in your head or idea, into a building).

This is all in theory, and is just one “school of thought” as far as I know.

But yeah, you know what I said kinda intend to say? If Architecture students slept enough (and if the teachers were actually smart enough to make the students understand things rather than having it rammed down their throats like conservative dogma) they would be able to appreciate ideas and concepts more, and be more critical of what happens around them, and be more able (and willing) to express a concept along with themselves.

The concept does not always have to be deep, your concept is whatever made you design that way. So for example, the concept for every “poorly designed” house in Amman, is that it is (in concept) as cheap as possible, yet inhabitable. Unless the client chooses otherwise. That’s what a concept is. It’s the idea behind the project.

I want to make a house that is shocking, so I’ll make it literally a huge sphere of concrete to make the whole mass shock and impose. Whatever.

But as a closing remark, when you try dividing and injecting project aims, goals, objectives, and visions before the concept, when the student doesn’t understand why, you should not be shocked if the students find you as anal as a rectal thermometer (only the thermometer is more justified than your teaching methods [I lol’d]).

Anyway, good people.

Good night.


I guess,



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