“Today’s Youth”

Well I don’t envy them, and I’m not here to say I’m any different. But given how many people talk about it, and say how today’s music is so horrible, and how the kids should go play outside, I thought I would rant about it a bit (especially since I have not been posting anything lately).

Think about it though, “back then” there wasn’t much to play with in the comfortable/safe/stale confines of your own house, adventure was only outside of the house, and the house itself is a boring place to study, like your base in a video game. The streets were the playgrounds and the kids walked around finding interesting things like the usual “haunted house”.

Now, since there’s an easier way of having fun, socializing with others, and since the streets are overrun by steel and apathy; it is not the youth’s fault that they have adapted to that lifestyle. They are merely an outcome of their surroundings. The music connects with their time, and there is a percentage of them who does connect with the older music. Everything is absolutely normal and going naturally if you ask me.

But I find it kind of sad, because I think (just talking from my brain’s “logic” here) that this would kind of weaken their bodies too, wouldn’t it? If their bodies aren’t used to falling, then they’ll trip and break when they’re old. Makes sense doesn’t it? When you aren’t used to watching scary movies, any scary movie is more prone to scare you, since you’re inexperienced. Bones grow back after you fall, and you know what it’s like when you do, giving you a clear warning about why you should/shouldn’t do something (rather than relying on societal or religious dogma to do so).

But then again, nobody wants to invent the wheel, but if you have more time doing such things rather than being distracted by things that are deemed “fun”, you would probably have a better grasp around certain concepts. But hey, what do I know really, I’m just putting my thoughts down.

What would you do anyway? Prevent kids from using technology? Toss them into an Amish boarding school? Well I would say just let things flow, and make sure you’re connected to them, and that you get some morals into them and make sure they’re comfortable enough around you to share things.

But yeah, people saying today’s youth doesn’t appreciate music or art, the majority of our own “generation” wouldn’t appreciate it either. Stop running your mouth, go stroke your ego somewhere else before you try feeling special about yourself by bashing others (the irony eh?).

Then again, who are we kidding, it takes all kinds of people to make things work. So please, while I disrespect your attitude, I’ll agree with your existence, and since you probably make a few good points, I hope you run your mouth some more to let me enjoy feeling slightly smarter as I rant about you.


… Why am I even talking about kids?






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An immature empath, a music hobbyist, an architect, and a dreamer.

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