That scene, though…

In reference to this post over here (clicky), it was an absolutely horrible event.

Absolute crap. Yep. First curse word on the blog, is going to be crap; as in crap planning, crap organizing, crap extra load of rage due to me bringing friends for no reason, to get crappily frustrated, and a bag of crap for us (the band) to get annoyed by being tossed around the schedule like a bag of “toys” at a prostitute-training center.


They ended up delaying us until (pretty much) after most of the people have left (probably because it was the worst “festival” ever). And along came a bunch of “rappers” (and obnoxious ones at that), and they “performed”, and one of them was lip-syncing. It was just trash. Even the better more known band got pissed and left (Empty Chair is their name, good stuff).

Well it was very annoying to say the least.

Thus, after my experience in said “May Fair”, the treatment of the performers, the over-hyping of the horrible event, poppy-cocking people into thinking there would be an actual festival, and the poor taste in judgement:

Jordan Vibes, I am so sorry, but you have to pull through with a huge good event to make up for that slip you just did, that was just half-assed and horrible.





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