I kind of see a bit of beauty in it. I don’t know if you could call it spiritual or just luck, but I get a warm feeling sometimes knowing that at some point in time, two people randomly look up the same thing, decide to make a comment, they end up replying, discussing some things, unusually in a positive and civil manner, and there you go. A positive “encounter” that just makes both people feel better, learn something, or get something off their chest, and then they walk away.

I find such encounters one of the most beautiful things about the internet. It might be a porn dump/scam-riddled place, but within the normal places, you do get to meet some interesting people. It is, however, sad that people used to meet people in places such as pubs, cafes, buses, festivals, concerts, and now they just meet for a bit then disappear out of each others’ lives.

I don’t know if anyone else agrees with this, but I think the older generation of people are much more social and warm to talk to. Sure we all do talk and “mingle” (hate that word), but I don’t think we have the same charm or ability as people who were socializing all the time instead of playing games alone or whatever.

Yeah it’s just a generalization but I just thought I might as well put it out there. But yeah, the internet is a nice place sometimes, even though I am getting bored of it quite a bit lately. I guess it’s because of the pressure of “adulthood” dawning on me, I just have the constant pressure over my head to do something with my life, mind you, that pressure is from myself, not society. I really don’t like just sitting around the whole time, but until I get a job it’s just going to be boredom, and nothing to discuss when I see people because my life is about as empty as a flying plastic bag.

Might also explain why I’m kind of on edge; not doing anything is horrible for your confidence. Seriously. Maybe it’s due to the pressure of society and people all around you doing things in their lives, but hey, it’s just how it is, you don’t like feeling useless either.

So here I am I guess, on the blog that was not supposed to be personal but rather just creative, but I guess an outlet is an outlet, and writing is a bit of a creative process, too, right? The working class hippie is just unemployed, with a band on the side, trying to do something with his life and find his meaning, trying to balance out his priorities when everyone else seems to have it quite easy.

Anyway, I guess this was just a rant/filler post. We’ll see how everything goes from now on.

Go with the flow, am I right?


I guess,



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An immature empath, a music hobbyist, an architect, and a dreamer.

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