The world does not need heroes, it wants them.

The easy way out, that one person to come, change the world, fight everyone, make it on his own with his great will and determination, and make the world better for those around him. He would “save” them from the world that was, and fix it, as they would merely watch and wait for things to get better, believing in others rather than themselves, believing that they are too weak to change anything, that they are unable to make a leap of faith (in themselves), when it is only their wish of security that stops them from leaping. Albeit them understanding what is right and what would be the right thing to do, they would not do it.

Responsibilities, security, the future, livelihood, family…

They are all either strengths that push us to fix, yet they can be the anvils on our backs if we do not see clearly. Do we dare, or do we sit back and hope for change; hope for a hero.

Someone to toss away all that we could not, someone to do what he thinks is right, without having to deal with said “weights”. And through our daily stories of heroes, none are born without a great loss, as if it were a sacrifice to propel the hero forward, such that she/he has nothing to lose, and that this lack of connection is what creates heroes, rather than the will. Perhaps it is the joy of being with loved ones that prevents people from being “heroic” and doing the right thing, and only when the comfort is shaken would the hero rise for vengeance.

It is never presented to be a will to fix, a wish to create, or a collective choice that creates a hero. But it is loss, and the lowest point that squeezes one out of the depths of one’s self.

I ask, however, of the true value of these story’s beauty. Is that true? Is that what a hero is meant to be? Do people only do what is right when they are forced to? Do we only wish to protect others when we lose our own people to protect?

It seems as though that is the image that is around when it comes to heroes. Maybe it has become more realistic lately, after the demise of the Hollywood heroes and those who have everything, into the weaker being who rises to the occasion, giving people hope in their defiance of a harsh fate. When it seems resistance is futile, the hero rises and resists what others could not resist, as they do not have the gut to risk others’ well-being in order to do what is “right”. Because people’s lives tend to depend on others’, and the only people who you cannot fight (even if they do something bad to you), are those who give you the well-being you wish to keep.


Just some thoughts really, I know it was probably spoken before, but I ended up writing all this down so… Yeah


I guess,




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