Human and Machine

What’s the difference between man and machine? The fact that we can think for ourselves? Our thoughts are from what happens around us, and just like a machine, we get programmed by what goes on. Then we start to deduce, and imitate, just like a machine can be programmed to do.

What is the difference then, between an uneducated person, who was not taught to think, but merely to follow, and a machine? Also, what is the difference between someone who googles any question he is asked and a machine?

If a machine is given the ability to google things, including emotions (which would probably contain the norm response and reactions of someone feeling the emotion), it would technically be able to feel, and even think.

Actually if you think about it, even feelings are kind of programmed into us as we are young. That’s why people have a different sense of humor; as a child, some people laugh when they see others laughing, because they deduce that something is funny, just like some people deduce that getting hurt is bad, or that certain sounds are funny, or that some things out of the “ordinary” are funny or scary. Our feelings are kind of just reactions after all.

Then we gain a sense of self by what happens around us by further deduction. Is that the fine line between man and machine? Hmmm… Well a sense of self is also something gained via environments and society. That’s why abuse is so horrible, because it can lead someone to disbelieve and devalue him/herself, which could actually lead someone to being more of a machine, in that he/she deduces that he/she is useless and disposable, and it would be fine and ordinary. That feeling is communicated to him/her via the expression of the abuser, the tone, the image, the sound.


“But Saed that’s so insensitive…!”

Yeah, I know it sounds that way, but it’s just an angle of looking at things, kinda like bringing it down a notch from all the “advanced” psychology to simpler, more raw terms that regular people deal with on a daily basis. It really makes you think in a different way. People like to think that they have no responsibility in their world, but people are so reactive that they really should be at least handled with care.

Obviously, not all emotions are reactive, but they way we function as a society does mold feelings into reactions and a form of communication, rather than expression; that is, the emotions become a two-way communication method with the development of socializing, rather than a one-way road of a top-down, order-based relationship

Actually after saying that, does that make digital communication a step back? Is it hindering the truth of reactions and the raw emotion that can be communicated? Sure emoticons are there to better bridge the broken communication, but there is still that easy way of escaping and avoiding contact and facing repercussions. People can’t see directly how their words are affecting who they talk to, nor can they understand the emotion and responsibility involved with people and relationship. There is a much lighter weight for human contact I guess, it’s just… well, taken lightly I guess.

I know it might sound stupid, but I think we’re closer to machines than we think.

Well I had fun just writing that.


I guess,



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