On Egos and Gaza

I just have to get these ideas out of my head.

If this was back in the day when people ransack a city and claim it in one way or another, I would understand, but there are universal and human laws that have been broken, it is just disgraceful to humanity. It is inhumane and unfair. Especially when people who fight back end up being called terrorists for wanting their homes back, since nobody else seems to serve justice. I try not to be biased to be honest, but it’s a horrible label, and it is not fair.
Sure people may say that it’s fine they can go anywhere, but would you really just leave your house if someone illegally just took it over? Oh “it is the past, people should move on”, but it’s still unfair and – well – quite rude to do it as the world watches. If you ask me Israel is gonna take over the whole land, and Palestine is just gonna be erased from the earth because nobody is doing anything, and it annoys me to no end really.While I do know that people will never give up because many are aware, but I have a hunch saying that it become an old wives’ tale. It’s just going to be like, “Tough luck Palestine, you lived there and cultivated and you were peaceful, but you got attacked and screwed over so there you go, no more home for you. Bye”.


Just like native Americans, slaughtered and made into nothing but a minority to barely be considered.

People would remember and see how they got called savages and terrorists for fighting back, and then just give them a holiday to try and compensate for the humiliation and torment the generations had to go through.

We now see, as the curtain swings to a violent halt, the death of a people, later to be brainwashed by ideologies. Bashed in the ribs over and over until something goes to the aggressor. After all the “progress” the “developed” countries have made, they still have not developed a sense of justice, but rather a sense of material; the physical violence to spread ideas have become violent shoving of ideologies and a game of laws, loopholes, and illogical justification attempts (that work) just so someone can do whatever they want in their rampant position.

Politics is a dirty game. Each is in it from their chair, high above like the gods they once condemned and mocked, playing their game of chess, completely oblivious to the world, hanging below; small and pixelated, as digits in a matrix, lacking a story, and running like a toy. They rattle and wriggle in their chairs, calling others weak and laughing at their silly misery, crying over their egos, breaking each other’s dolls. They do not care, they can merely get more toys to play with.

It is never about those below, it never was. It was only a plan on how the big picture gets better. What do they aim for? What is it they want? Why is it there? Why did it start? Is it entertainment? Is it self-righteousness? Is it nothing but a battle of egos? Is it that they believe it is right? Is it for population control? Is it just trying to maintain their positions in power? What is the point of it all? Is it just a strategic point for the big picture?

Just why is it that the massacres cannot be stopped? Why would nobody step in for humanity? This is just a matter of humanity now, and it is just a testament to how far we, as a race, have floated away from being civilized. Naive and idealistic, it is, I know; economy is everything now.

The chapter closes on another piece of “history”, lost forever in its once meaningful existence, until it was twisted to be seen as a host of death. So the rest of the world mourns and moves on to forget it, to maintain the order that runs it, afraid of their own demise due to the system falling apart; afraid of the fear created by the egos via the media, the fears that dictate how the fall of egos is a fall of the country, even if they never were needed in the first place, the fear must be instilled to keep them there. The people live a life devoid of meaning as they serve the greater purpose, and nothing else, not because they lack power, but because they are unaware of their ability, and the ease of twisting a human around by controlling his life source.

What freedom could they have if their definition of freedom is defined by the oppressor?




I guess…



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