I know it can’t just be me out there who dreams, really. This entire generation has a big chunk of dreamers and hopeful professionals, and it’s absolutely refreshing after dealing with many who only speak negative things (not real, just negative).

I think our generation is going to be the most beneficial in a while, I really, honestly do. We grew up with the technology and are ushering in the Information age, yet there are many who still appreciate the spirituality and humanity in us, regardless of religion and beliefs; I think we believe more in humanity now than ever, and I think that people are wonderful things, and that our differences make us fit and help the world in one way or another. It’s impossible to have perfection, and the truth is, it is boring, and it will never be a goal. Change is constant, and a perfect balance is impossible; with every person changed, is a negative or positive being birthed as a reaction, and both sides serve the world in its constant growth.

How would we understand the pros if we did not experience the cons. Curiosity, trial, and error are the roots of all development, and there are always things that we do not know, that a negative side would show us. While I do believe sometimes these negatives are shown in order to push people to the other side on purpose (to create a controlled reaction), it all just goes to show how similar we are.

Nobody (with maybe a few exceptions, which could usually explained in one way or another) likes violence, violence is a bi-product of our primal instinct to fight for survival.

This really does explain why I am quite against parts of religious dogma, personally; I believe some sides of religion are humanly modified to create certain reactions, to force certain actions, and thus lead a mass to do and agree with a negative action. This is usually done with some cheap justification that appeals to the primal instinct of survival. That being said, there are always those who really make you see the good side of religion and how it was originally made to be a positive effect; sadly, not everyone is taught to consider the human logic behind ideas, but rather to follow; because it’s easier that way. A huge scale group loses its roots due to its need of fast expansion and its difficulty in control. i.e. The need to produce people who will carry on ideas overcomes the golden rule of consideration and respect.

But that aside, I think there is always hope in people, and I [surely, many people out there, too] think the world can be a positive place to be. There is just always a cycle of something bad happens causing for a good reaction, or a positive thing that gets pushed and abused until it becomes bad, such that a positive reaction is needed.

Sure it will be hard to change the world, but I believe that we are all born “good” (primal sure, but not evil; not knowingly hurting others in spite of another option that allows for a compensation, unless compensation means letting go of a huge part of oneself), and there are always things that push people to become “bad”, and those things in the long run (even if introduced later in a person’s life) make people forget who they once were. But we do need the “bad” to balance out the “good” and appreciate it. There is no “good” and “bad”, no “right” and “wrong”, but different perspectives trying to serve themselves to survive.

There are no obstacles between us and “success” but ourselves; there is no concrete reason to prevent changing a majority of people, unless people were implanted with the negativity for a long time, such that it becomes a second habit, and thus a comfortable place that prevents people from moving to other mental places and states.


I just don’t see the world as a completely negative place, and I’m sure many others don’t either. Not by making news or something, but by personally delivering a positive message to others, rather than relying on a hasted, mass-produced method of spreading it. Human contact goes a long way, really, it’s how many ideas started, and then once the idea was merely passed around rather than understood and convinced to others, it begins to crumble.





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An immature empath, a music hobbyist, an architect, and a dreamer.

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