I don’t feel like images

Well I didn’t get the motivation to write much in the past few weeks. I have no idea what it was really, I guess it was more of a thought collection time, planning myself and building a little (not literally, though).

I finally felt like it today, though.

Probably because after saying that I need a good idea to rant about for so long, all the ideas ended up as drafts on my phone’s notes. Nah, today I grabbed my laptop by the buttons and said to myself “I’m gonna write about why I didn’t feel like it!”. Yeah and there you go! Look at me I’m writing a post! Ground-breaking ideas! Sarcasm! Cynicism! Correct irreflective grammar! Words based on logic rather than common words! Understanding by sense of the word rather than its true meaning!

Bah anyway, I really let myself go after that Vivi painting, eh? Oh well… again all ideas an no motivation to do it, but man I have a bunch of images in my head but I just don’t feel like them, I just feel like doing whatever I feel like. Sadly this makes the blog dead as a demon’s Sunday (+1 for the failed/try-hard simile).

Anyway, I think I’ll try doing something soon, I should, just something for the traditional art, other than sketches. I’m really hoping for a FFXII style thing, the colors in that game are saturated to the perfect extent and everything just looks so beautiful. I love that sort of color scheme, I’m a sucker for slight desaturation in color schemes, heck even in people; it’s just so nice and serene somehow, and as soon as a vibrant thing comes along as one of the many faces of people and images, it just pops out and really livens you up.

Oh, art talk… I have missed you so…

And bam the idea is out, my ideas are as short-lived as emotions, but never as lifeless as a buzzfeed post. So that being said, I have many ideas that I wanna expand on and umm… paint, with words or colors. I’ll try my best, since I haven’t delivered anything in a while neither for my ego nor for anyone who gives a flying pup about my work. Anyway! I will try ^ ^

If only the internet would stop pestering me all the time… STOP INTERNET NO I DON’T WANNA- Ooh culture-driving jokes, oh internet… :3





About saedt

An immature empath, a music hobbyist, an architect, and a dreamer.

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