Update post!

Hah… yeah… I know I know… I said I’ll be posting weekly, but I’m late this week. And you know what that means! An empty post! I do have some drafts and stuff, but come on I really don’t want to stay up and type. I really don’t feel like it, but it’s kinda happening already.

Maybe I’ll write an update and rant a bit.

So here’s the thing, I have some ideas that I didn’t go through, and I’m hoping I’ll filter a good serious article out next week. Probably about one of these ideas:

  • Discussing the creative class’s value (and its perceived value) in Jordan.
  • Ranting about how Jordan is gonna become Saudi Arabia if the education system isn’t changed from the core. By the way, I don’t mean like we’re going to get rich, I mean our culture is going to become more enclosed.
  • Discuss LEED a bit, maybe even make fun of them for no reason and then rant about how I forgot to talk to my “superiors” about taking the test. Fack.

Now here’s the thing that kinda make this post worthwhile for me.

“All aboard the hype-train!”

Alright crickets, here it is! I am considering making another watercolor painting! Yeah! I know! Totally! Yeah! Right?! Yeah! Okay stop.

Seriously, though, awkward monologue aside, I kinda got excited to talk about the painting. So excited, in fact, that I chose to not go and take a picture of the sketch I made for it, because I was so paralyzed by excitement. But I like it, it’s a tad melancholic but I thought it looked nice and dramatic (as long as I can get some good contrast with my colors, I think it’s a challenge since I kinda play it safe while painting), so we’ll see. Now I just have to think about the colors and all. Bah, it does have a bit of that Vivi Ornitier painting vibe, now that I think about it, but I’ll make sure to try and give it a different character, and I want a different feel/scheme. So I think it’ll be nice. Hmm yes, it’s really coming together in my head. Now actually doing it is a different case.

I’ll try and start working on it this weekend. Oh maybe I’ll post a pic of its concept sketch along with some other sketches, to make up for this very well made post.

Alright that’s good enough, I’m sleepy (and very sorry for this post).

Okay I’m really not sorry, you don’t comment, this is a fair relationship we have, readers.





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