Creative class

Nope, not even attempting to make an intro this time, I’ll just step right in.

How can a country/city breed the creative class? With so many people struggling to get an income, the last thing on their mind is wanting to be creative. The youth, however, is an open group for such ideas. Injecting the pleasure of creativity into the youth could be a catalyst to bringing more creative people into the field. But it does remain that common people/consumers do not pay for the art due to the opportunity cost of doing just that (that, of course, is only true for certain classes that do suffer from such hindrance).

Maybe that will all change in time, with people slowly coming out of their shells and daring to feel safe on their own streets, rather than fearing judgement. It already is changing, isn’t it? The recent unfortunate events in Amman, I believe, has caused us to band together just a little bit more, but is it enough to allow people to feel enough comfort to push the limits of creativity in the country?

Understanding will spread and happen once people put themselves out there to be understood, rather than for them to remain hidden. Backlash and discussion is the pavement for a literally comfortable stroll on your own streets. Men having long hair used to be an odd thing, and while it still is to an extent, I think it’s a lot less of a big deal now, it’s more acceptable, that fact really just makes me consider all the change you can induce in a society by literally just being yourself and not trying to hard to shove your standards in someone’s face, without offending anyone. Silly isn’t it?

It’s just natural, think of all the people you see everyday, whether you talk to them or not, your physical expression is just as important as vocal expression, both of which do make an impression on people you meet. Understanding why someone scrutinizes something is how you can work your way around it, and change their opinion. I mean if people believe random things they hear on television, why would they not believe a person they talk to who has experienced a topic in discussion. At the end of the line, people are going to believe what they want to believe, and they will go on living as if it is their reality, because (especially in our time) you can easily dismiss something as a conspiracy theory, or go on saying something is not what it is because of a theory you know. Logic can be wrong if it was based on lies, especially in politics, so how can you not bring logic into a topic and explain why the other person is wrong? I think even people who seem like they have no sense of logic (which causes a lot of looking-down methods in our culture) do in fact have their own method of thinking, and are not as stupid as you think.

Well the point of the last paragraph was to say that no matter what happens, anything can be changed given there is someone to carry it out and push for it, the mere existence of the creative class right now will push for tons of changes in our scene, culture, and the economy. Sooner or later someone is going to bring better/affordable equipment and allow locals to get good equipment without having to ask someone to get it for them for cheap.

So again, just people to push for it. Just like they made a skate park, and in my eyes it marks a huge step towards a healthier public realm in a city where walking in the streets feels like public nudity. It’s not only the occasional comments that people hear, but the fact that nobody else is there, and that the path is not enclosed enough to give a sense of safety.

All that being said…

There will be no attention paid to anything unless it actually is being used. As long as you whine about the dead city while riding your car around somewhere, you are in a way perpetuating the poor design of the city.




I guess,



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