Just a piece I wrote a while back that I wanted to make into a song.

Yeah, yeah, it’s just some poetry. But I have a duty to post something since I didn’t post anything last week (especially since what I tried to post just crumbled into meaningless words).

Anyway, maybe you enjoy poetry.



An idea lost, yet
Another gained;

Lost in a mind twisted,
with none to blame.

And our time of clarity,
well it never came;

But now I know what
they never dared to say.


If I knew then, what I
know now, then I would have
dreamed longer so I could…

Be a hero.


Everyday in a city
to the west,

People silently watching
the world in stress.

After a day of struggle and a
hopeless divine test,

Comes a man to clean
up the mess.


Well he won’t come, and I
know now that I am
the observer in silence.

And I know all the wishes
of open seas, sails, and fishin’
are just regrets…

Of a hero.


Remember dreams remember
how it once felt;

Feeling you’re chosen before believing
in yourself.

Time to break away, time
to grow up, child;

You can’t change your past,
and you sure can’t change mine.


But oh stop being a villain;
look at all those blessed things that you’re given.
Why can’t you see?

From the bottom he’s risen;
bitter, trashed, sadly living but given:

Of a hero.


I guess,



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About saedt

An immature empath, a music hobbyist, an architect, and a dreamer.

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