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Whether what I will say in this post is true or not is arguable, I am not a sociologist, but I do consider myself to be quite observant. Agreeing or disagreeing with my perspective is up to you, but I do feel like this is quite the benched topic that people should be more aware of; people need to address the needs and effects of parenting on the youth. Maybe I am late to realizing the mistakes that some parents have made, but at the end of the line, it is all just different angles and ideas to explore. Please do keep in mind that I will generalize a bit only to try and get my point across, so save me the need to apologize while trying to remain politically correct for the sake of hyper-sensitive nitpicks.

So without further ado… to the rant-mobile!

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Does being led through your entire youth hinder the country’s growth?

I think that the pattern of follow and memorize is a part of a good chunk of the population’s lives. While I do believe in respecting your elders and learning from them, I also believe (and quite strongly so) that it has slowly reached the point of selfish/controlling/hard-headed elders abusing the youth to do their bidding without considering the fact that they also have ideas that can change things to the better.

Blindly following orders/traditions/religions/television/Hollywood/crowds is a hindrance to “moving forward”. In that sense, tradition-stuck elders are a hindrance as well. Mind you, I am not speaking about traditions that define how something is to be done, but rather those that restrict what you can do.

Traditional ideas like being pressured into marriage, being pressured into being an engineer or doctor (because prime marriage material), not working unless it is an esteemed job that can be bragged about, not being an artist (because money is the spice of- nope), not walking (what are you, some sort of animal?), driving (because what would you talk about?). Well, anyway, I guess you get the point. Telling the youth what to do only makes them despise what they are forced into, especially if they are/were passionate about it. But alas, it is not good enough, what would the people say? I think this attitude of denying the youth of what they want to do can in some case make them bitter towards others, and can slowly drain them of their energy/passion towards anything, because the brain just avoids that idea all together, and it gets accustomed to being denied that dream (just a thought, really).

Some cases end up with the youth being unable to comfortably dedicate themselves to what they wish to pursue, which can lead to a lower standard in entertainment/craftsmanship, which in turn could also weaken the creative economy of the country. In a way, the lack of dedication eliminates a lot of potential creativity from making it onto the market (but thank you internet), and this in turn lowers the standards because of the lack of competition. Lack of competition leads to the fat champion who thinks he is at the top of his game, when, in reality, he is not even of the average group. But since nobody is trying to compete with such a heavy mass, to push him off the throne, we end up stuck with the Haifa Wehbe and Tamer Hosni among the other “greats” of the plastic image with a synth voice (and not good synth like dubstep or whatever, just unrecycled, unusable, radioactive waste) age.

Good thing there are some musicians who are able to contest with the “best” now, despite television still being hung-up on the “better days” of 60-year-old belly dancers and stale “performers” that rely on a shock factor to make a name for themselves. So things are starting to look up, and people who dared were actually able to inspire a new generation (that sings about nothing but love).

Maybe soon, more investors would get to them, and would let artists make some money with their work, so that their parents can approve of their lifestyle. To an extent, I think the youth should break away and be able to support each other in order to help the country grow, rather than follow a blind guardian based on his experience and scriptures from generations ago. Rebellion is what creates change, and change is always led by art, but who will invest in the generation but the members themselves.

Of course I might be wrong; maybe this whole issue with being forced to follow is to encourage the spirit of rebellion, I mean it is only natural that out of all the people being led through “their” lives, a few would not agree and take the other path; push someone into something, and they would push back to control the pace or to put the movement to a halt, and on the other hand, leave them hanging and they would ask for directions. So maybe give them a choice, no? The youth has access to the roots of the upcoming culture, and they would know what the future needs. At that point, the power and will of that generation would stand strong and allow for them to grow and invest in themselves. Maybe the older generations just want us to challenge ourselves and not give up, maybe we just have to show them that we have what it takes to take control over the mistakes they made; that we have what it takes to take over the tribe/pride.

Pushing the youth into a direction would only create resentment/frustration, in my opinion.

Maybe it is all just an inherited will, and what happens to you, you do to others, because that is the only secure way you know. But I believe it is time for the newer generation to get a say in what goes on in our country.

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Support local artists, kids. And do not start smoking tobacco, It is bad for you, and it is harder to quit it than to avoid it.

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