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Obligatory Ammani Snow-day Post

Aww but moooooom~…!

Nope, you have to, it’s tradition now. Just like the many illogical traditions we have, discussing snow in every conversation you ever have (before, after, or during said snow period) is an absolute must!

“But Saed I-”


Heheh… get it? No? Snow? Heh… Alright I’ll show myself out…

Anyhow, just like being pestered about getting married, getting a job, letting go of every dream, and becoming a doctor, you have to make a big deal out of snow. You just do. Why? I haven’t the foggiest.

Sure I can talk about how illogical it is, and how absolutely ridiculous people become when they go out in the middle of the damn blizzard like they’re on Jackass (the show, not the animal), then complain about not getting help; but that’s all part of the charm isn’t it?

Hail and foggy chaos with people scuttering home only to go back out later like children, unlike being at home and worrying about what to do, households watching the weather forecast 10 times a day, people whining about how everyone is making a big deal out of it, others saying it won’t snow nor hold (stick to the ground) so as not to jinx it. It’s all just a big fest for everyone, for some reason; it’s like a god-sent day off for Jordanians, and I am yet to find someone who seriously hates snow days in Jordan.

And at the end of it all, even after going out to play with the snow or whatever, you warm up at home with a nice cup of coffee and marvel at the beauty of the little fluffy water feathers floating along the wind. Except for the little poop who decides to go outside and walk in the snow and ruin the view for everyone else. But that’s life isn’t it? Just nature, with our footsteps in it, which then becomes snirt (source, “Snirt: Snow mixed with dirt”), and Amman goes back to being Amman. It’s all just part of Jordan’s charm; its people and their lack of logic.





Filler-like Update Post-type-words Thing-a-ma-jig

Unfortunately, this week’s post is just going to be a filler (unless you like improvised, poorly thought-out posts, then you’ll love this blog). I guess I’ll make it a personal one in a way… yes, it’s because I had nothing prepared, I apologize. So let’s just rant until a god point comes up.

I have been trying to make this blog into a serious one, at least every now and then. So I was for the past while discussing urban ideas, and just tossing my ideas into the bowl and seeing how they taste, but I don’t get any feedback really, not even if I share an article on Facebook. I’m almost sure my content beats at least some of the other blogs copying and pasting articles from other places. Hm… Well it would be nice to be appreciated, though.


I guess people just don’t enjoy reading much anymore? Or maybe they just don’t relate to random thoughts I put out here, I do think that urban planning/design is something that people have come to understand and feel quite a lot these past few years. Well my stubborn head thinks so, but who knows. But hey, I really do enjoy just writing things down here, then maybe in a few years I’ll come back and see what’s happened to me, what changed, and how my ideas are growing, it would be motivating for me at least.

This weekend was utter crap, though, I had a lot of thoughts, but nothing to write about, and nothing to say; I guess you could say “my thoughts were so loud, I couldn’t hear my mouth”. Yeah, I would say that’s pretty accurate, thanks Modest Mouse.


So…. updates eh? Been playing Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past for the first time ever. Go figure. And I gotta say, it has aged quite well, and is not bad at all. I played Minish Cap before and have been wanting to explore the top-down view Zelda games for a while,  and Link to the Past was quite a pleasant surprise really. It’s not too easy, it encourages exploration, it’s fun, music is brilliant. So yeah, it’s pretty good. After that I’ll probably play Chrono Trigger since it’s supposed to be one of the best games ever, too, so we’ll see how that goes.

Been sketching a bit on the guitar, and I might upload some audio-only covers/originals depending on how motivated I am. I really wanted to do Songe Le Reveur styled covers (you have got to check this guy out, seriously one of the best musicians I have ever witnessed), but I guess I’ll just start with anything, just to get moving. So audio-only videos won’t be too bad, I think. Or maybe I’ll take a video and match it to the corresponding audio recording. The acoustic guitar does not sound so horrible if I record it on my phone, go figure. The electrics, however….. heh…

We’ll see… that’s the word of the year. We’ll just see what happens on the way, right? Perfectionism is a bad habit, but it’s good to have some standards, so with some self-discipline and initiative, I’ll actually do something I believe. If I manage to make myself work somehow, that is.


Well I think that’s enough for a filler post. Improvising isn’t so bad eh? I actually have an idea to blog about now, but I don’t feel like it. Maybe I’ll get it again next week.

Thanks for the read.




Potatoes and Recipes

Oh, Me, was that a long month, or what?

How about a post? Who’d expect that on a blog~!



Well here it is, a pointless post!

After drafting around every now and then for the past month, I really decided to put aside all my ideas and well, just improvise this one, like all the others are. Truth is I had so many threads of thoughts in my head for pieces to write or draw that I just ended up with a bunch of one-lined drafts and base-less illogical rants that need a fine link to make sense. I could not bring myself back to the zone I was in when I started discussing that idea with myself, so I pretty much could not see that link between said ideas again, not the way I thought I did, at least.

Hey you know what, that might be interesting to just like post and see what people think of different fragments of ideas and how they could correlate in each person’s mind.

Actually that really would be interesting. I kind of have the belief that you can find a process or “image” in anything that you see in front of you, and somehow relate to it. Kind of like some people hear Skillet songs and think they’re about love, then you realize they’re a Christian rock band and that they’re singing to their god, and truth is you just see what you want to see, or maybe not even that; you just see what you see due to factors within your mind. Anyway, I think anything could be given a huge meaning and could have it taken away (generally speaking of course, you nitpicking nerve-bags), mainly because people can find the oddest ways around things to avoid dealing with them, just like they could outdo themselves just trying to make something happen.

The Power of the Will, some call it, and I will do the same.

The power of the human mind, the power to ignore happenings to fight insanity, the power to harness everything around you to propel yourself forward.


Mind you, I am not writing this to offend anyone, it’s just interesting to think about.

I personally think that the concept of a god is just that; your mind, maybe even the subconsciousness (since we are not aware of its direct influence on our lives). We are our own gods, we are what hold ourselves back, and we are what push ourselves forward. Considering the subconsciousness as an entity kind of works, too. It’ is ego-centric because it’s not easy to ignorantly cling to your own logic. It’s all-knowing because it knows all about the depths of yourself. I guess you could fear it because it can hold all your past, and thus holds your weaknesses (which you could work around or be tackled by). It’s merciful upon you when you make a mistake, if you think it’s forgivable by your own standards, some people really can’t forgive themselves easily.

Truth is, every religion/person has a different concept of a god; an entity that runs its life in ways both conscious and random. I wonder if detaching that entity from the public is what makes it so political and less personal. Allow it to reside in a person’s mind and it’s a belief.

It’s all just different wording for the same thing. Religious wars are like arguing if a potato is a “potato” or a “بطاطا” or “Kartoffel”. In the end of the line, the “potato” is something you can make great food with. I take my potatoes just as seriously as the next guy, I taste what others make with them, I enjoy them fried, mashed, chopped and baked, stewed, you name it!

However, when this “potato” is shared, then many people can look at it and judge you based on it, because it is not personal anymore, but you are part of everyone who loves that “potato”, forcing you to compromise and play along with the others. This in turn means that your self-worth is not based on your own self believing that you’re worth something, but people, meaning it could create confusion between you seeing yourself as worthy, and others seeing you as worthless. That contradiction isn’t good is it? I like this specific way of cooking potatoes, why am I looked down on for it? It’s not like I opened up a restaurant and forced people to eat them, I eat them in the comfort of my home.

Aren’t “potatoes” meant to be a joy to eat at the end of the day?

Heh… Maybe I went too far, but if by now you don’t get it, I was making a point, and I think you’ll get it just fine.



Well I guess this post ended up with a point after all. I really wanted to post it as brain-rust or something, and just let loose, you know? i.e. I kind of wanted this post to be a trail of thought, but I ended up liking that idea I started discussing and got carried away. Which is good, right?





Vivi Ornitier

It’s finally done! Finished it a day or so ago but took my time til I post it on here, I wanted to do a process thing of how it came about but I can’t be bothered to do so. The picture doesn’t do it justice, though, but I’m really happy about this piece.

Vivi is just such an awesome character, definitely one of my favorites in Final Fantasy, and I feel like I drew him well!

(Click to enlarge btw)

Hope you like it!

Vivi Ornitier Final






Work in Progress “Mama Poro”

Just wanted to share this piece I’m making right now (which I’m pretty excited for! AH!) It just needs a lot of touches, additions, and a background. It just looks more menacing in the sketch, so I’m hoping to make it less “Large and cutsie” and more umm…. Threatening. But I doubt I can do that with Illustrator, I think I can Photoshop it later for a tougher feel, and I’ll post both versions here, too!

Oh, by the way it’s based on Poros from League of Legends, just so you know.

So I’ll just post leave these here.

Poro mother base

Poro Mother in progress


Well, this is pretty much a lazy post I guess, I haven’t posted “on schedule” since I couldn’t really find much to talk about. To be honest, I did not want to talk about Gaza, because well this just isn’t the place for wars and that side of politics. Also I’m working on a “Poro Mother” piece, Poros being those adorable creatures from League of Legends, so we will see how it turns out, and I’ll post it here when it’s finished.

So I was having a discussion with a friend of mine, and I thought it was pretty interesting, he makes good points and so do I (I believe so), and I like talking to that friend, we have some nice discussions every now and then. So I’ll just post it because I like to have interesting ideas on here.


Person A:

Thought you might find this interesting, it’s about art and well about what was “so great” about Andy Warhol (the guy who made a banana as a piece of art). It kinda relates to that sketch you found silly, but yeah, this is a really interesting read (these are all from a reddit thread btw):

[Quoting from a reddit thread]:
“For most of history, artist paint two kind of things: important things (portraits of kings, Washington crossing the Delaware River, etc) and pretty things (flowers, landscape, etc). Starting in the late 19th century, artists began question why can’t they paint whatever they want? Hence movements like Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism, etc were born. Artists like Jackson Pollock took it to the extreme and created arts that consists entirely of splatters. Pop Artists like Andy Warhol felt they are taking it too far and wanted to create something non-traditional yet meaningful.”

“What “meaning” does 32 paintings of a soup can have? Isn’t it just masturbatory self-aggrandizement?”

“You can look at it as basically a parody of the commodification of art.
For most of history, paintings have been unique objects. Someone painted a painting, and that was the only instance of that painting, and you had to see it in its context. To see the paintings in the Sistine Chapel, you actually had to go to the Sistine Chapel and walk around with clergy in an enormous church, craning your head to the ceiling to see endless panoramas of the transcendant topics that were being passionately discussed there, and that context and location was part of its impact. Erotic paintings were commissioned by wealthy lords of their mistresses and partners and hung in their bedrooms or holiday houses as a major status symbol for their private enjoyment. Portraits of famous figures were hung in palaces and public buildings — for ordinary people, the only time you knew what the King or President looked like was when you went to a government building and saw his face 5 feet tall in a glamorous powerful portrait with dozens of other major figures, and that contributed to its impact and perception. Each artifact was unique, and most artifacts were made for a specific purpose in a specific context that contributed to your experience of it.

But in the 20th century, all of that changed. We entered what people call “the age of mechanical reproduction” — using machines, we can basically perfectly duplicate any image at will an infinite number of times, initially through film and colour printing, then TV, and now obviously we’re all armed with high-res cameras and internet connections 24/7. I could be walking through a field at 5AM, decide I want to see any painting on the planet, pull out a phone and be looking at it within 30 seconds. And this is how most people experience art — images in a book, images on a screen, reproduced prints, if they’re lucky maybe in a museum where it has become an attraction famous for its fame. But virtually never in its original context, and never as a unique one-of-a-kind object.

This changes not only the impact of art on us, but our attitudes towards art. Art becomes commodified — it wasn’t necessarily created as a commodity, but it becomes treated like one, we divorce it from its context and put them in the same context as a billion other artworks, just like products at a supermarket. If you go into a museum, many of the information cards introduce paintings or statues with their price, which is its value measured in the worth of other goods, equivocating Picasso’s La Reve with X number of bananas or Y number of shoes.

And that’s what Andy Warhol did literally: he took an image of a mundane commodity, mechanically reproduced it over and over again, put them all next to each other and called it art, because that’s how we treat art now. And in this way it’s more ‘artistically valid’ than traditional high art, because you’re actually viewing it in its intended context!”

“Or maybe he was having the biggest personal joke at the expense of art snobs ever in the history of the world.
… Or possibly both at the same time.”


Person B:

I think some of the responses are dumber than a few of the worthless pieces of “art” displayed in lots of museums (I’m no artist, I don’t claim to be an expert, but appreciating beauty, creativity, ingenuity is not rocket science).

1. First of all the simple definition of art is, according to Oxford dictionary: The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination… (Focus on creative and imagination).
So when someone summarizes previous art as “For most of history, artist paint TWO kind of things: important things (portraits of kings, Washington crossing the Delaware River, etc) and pretty things (flowers, landscape, etc)” you can straight away tell that this guy is shit for creativity, imagination, history, ART, and brains, and skip whatever he writes next.

2. I sort of agree with the points others make in the next paragraphs, although the explanation sort of pitches an idea that artists no longer have options to create beautiful pieces. Although some artists do make creative stuff like:…/Hybrid-Paintings-Mix-The…/…

3. Others are simply shit. The explanation made in the paragraphs only help/apply to Warhol’s concept (which is genius in my opinion), they simply don’t apply to things like these <clicky>Compare that to this <clicky>

To make it more simple, if I ([bad] at art) can create a bad piece, and hire a pretentious philosopher/critic to write some crazy stuff about it, then make headlines about it, or if a 5 year old can create an abstract red line, then this is not art, and claiming that you are not looking at the context of it is simply lazy. Claiming that due to whatever modern technology or modern lifestyle or modern bla bla made you create such a thing is simply lazy. Here is a perfectly good example for that.

There is no art in laziness, it’s called being uncreative, unimaginative, not artistic.

Person A:

It’s still another angle to look at art pieces: as part of a context rather than as a technical piece and you can’t deny that; whether you agree with its point or if you find it pretty is your opinion. But if it was in fact a conscious act to make people reconsider art, it sure as hell worked. You can say its lazy or whatever, but it did stir something in a society whether for being horribly silly or lazy (as you graciously put it) there is absolutely no need to do something spectacularly in order to be appreciated. So in the end it is only how you appreciate it.

The credibility of these people has absolutely nothing to do with it, they make good points and give you new ways of looking at things. So nitpicking at their words is well… silly really; I only posted their words because they brought a new idea to the table, which I tried to explain to you before: the context of art. Whether someone appreciates it is their own opinion.

You’re making this too complex for no reason, the idea of contextualism is there, everything can be appreciated in one way or another. I honestly don’t care what you personally find nice (no offense), I really just wanted you to see the other way of appreciating art.

Person A:

That Joan Miro painting, it says it bridges “effortlessly bridging the transition between figurative and abstract art.” but I just don’t see how. But I did find this:

Miró worked with strategies such as automatic drawing (where the hand is allowed to move freely as an extension of the unconscious), Surrealism (which philosophically strove to reveal authentic thought through juxtaposing unexpected symbols and forms), Expressionism (which applies emotional subjectivity to evoke moods or ideas), and Color Field Painting (that meditated on combinations, and or fields of color symbology).

As for an interpretation of Miro’s Etoile Bleue the painting provides just enough information to stimulate the process of interpretation, but the same stimulation resists conclusions and continues to evoke questions.

Through the interpretive resistance of Miró’s artwork we are better able to witness our own processes of interpretation for what they are, reflections and projections of who we are—internally and as a community. And what we find is that who we are is just as unresolved as the image that we meditate upon.

So there you go, there is a way to appreciate it. The moment someone tells you that it sold for a bum-load of money, you try to understand why. Hell, if there was no google, and I wasn’t being lazy, I would have stared at it for a while, too, trying to find a way to appreciate it just because of this conversation. Man, maybe people do this for sport, I would have just stared at it for a long time doing nothing and saying it’s a lady floating to a door that represents the future or something, but yeah, due to its many different ways of interpretation, it just reflects the viewer.

Some could see a sinking ship and that woman is on it, some could see it as a silly scam and a joke, seeing the person buying it for millions as an idiot. Yet at the same time, maybe that buyer sees it as something else, maybe he’s high and sees it as something moving (emotionally or literally), maybe he sees its value as all the controversy that happened over it. Technical trash I know, but there IS a way to appreciate it, whether you do or not is your own opinion. Hell, if you think about it, it kind of reflected how cynical you are.

“There is no art in laziness, it’s called being uncreative, unimaginative, not artistic.”

Punk rock is uncreative if you’re into music, it’s literally just power chords, and is quite unimaginative in its lyrics because it wants to break free of the mold of society. It is pretty damn lazy when it comes to composition, too, if you listen to it. But it is music, and there are people who appreciate it.

Anyway, that’s an opinion, but that kind of painting could be taken as an impulsive expression or something, sure someone could try scamming due to the standards being set (hello music industry), but it could also be an honest expression.

This for example, is also not detailed at all, but look at how beautiful the lines are, and how they create a full image of a face with soft strokes. It’s an expression of beauty so it qualifies for art right?

But the technique? It’s just a few lines! Compare that to old paintings, it’s technically nothing, but that’s the beauty of it. It shows you exactly what our time is. It’s also not very imaginative, it’s just a woman’s face, is it creative? Well… not really what’s new in this one? It’s just a face.

My point is, every single thing can be appreciated in its own right. You see what you want to see in it. It’s a matter of opinion, and it reflects who you are.


I guess,


Is the Arabic Language dying?


Well… the disclaimer is just so I could write freely and not be bashed by poorly written comments. This is nothing but my opinion. If you disagree, you could have a nice comment discussion in the reply section, but if you wanna blurt things out to feel like you’re an honorable person, go do that on your room’s walls where someone would actually be happy about how awesome you are while hating on others, I’m sure you have your own reasons.

I am writing this for my own reasons, I enjoy exploring my thoughts. Truth is, after writing this article, Arabic is not dying at all.

Also, I would like to apologize for not writing in Arabic, as I just do not have the adequate command of the Arabic language to be able to get my point across the way I would like to.




I guess that sways us into the next beat quite smoothly, eh?

It probably is quite the best way to start this post actually. I am a person who (in my own mind at least) has some interesting thoughts and ideas to discuss, and the best way I can do it is using the English language, despite being an Arab in and out.

But see that’s the thing. I was privileged with a wonderful, mind-opening education in school, and you can probably guess, that it was almost completely taught in English. And well lately, seeing people’s discussions online, I have not seen any intellectual Arabic comments. I do not know if the correlation is there, but in Amman (I do not know enough about other governorates) if someone does not talk English, she/he does not give the impression of being a well-read, intelligent person.

But, please, hear me out. I have met people who are extremely intelligent who do indeed speak and write mostly in Arabic, and they had an Arabic, public school education. But it is just a stigma I guess: People who speak “perfect English” sound more intelligent. And you will also see this in universities as well, the people who had great school education and speak fluent English just seem to give off a different impression. Probably because people who go to public schools don’t normally speak “perfect English”.

Well, whether you misunderstand me or not, and I bet you do. I think that the Arabic language is dying partially because of that idea. There is no deeper education in Arabic, it’s just seen as the basic knowledge thing, and nothing that stands out as a superior education. The English language is linked with having a good education.

This is of course not aided by the rise of technology in the Information Age (while thankfully, this is changing slowly). The benchmark for technological capabilities is the ability to read and write in English. But isn’t that pathetic? Germany is already having a huge number of articles in German on the internet, along with communities, forums, web-based companies, and user-friendly interface! The internet is a huge field just waiting to be used, it’s a canvas for almost every single company to use, and yet when you go on embassy websites, they are utterly misleading and poorly organized. Thank god there are people who contribute to Wikipedia and translation pages. There is also the fact that for some reason, viral pictures in Arabic are usually low-resolution and poorly-designed, but this too is changing, because with the realization of more methods of presentation, and the better education available for using design software, there is a higher chance of people putting more work into what they create, because they actually want to.

I guess what I’m actually trying to say, is the main reasons Arabic is dying is because of how poorly presented it was in the virtual realm, and how much more people seem to need the English language in work and even while dealing with others.

More things should be forced to be done in Arabic, develop it and make it evolve into something more scientific. It has to grow, and should not just be left behind in the days of people who “wrote well”.

Arabic is not even dying, it is about to catapult into being a bigger part of our technological culture. And that’s where we should start. Along with the urban stuff I rant about, Culture starts from language, and that, actually, is the real place where we create a basis of understanding. Education consistently moving with a physical environment to nurture it.

Let’s keep it going.


Here I am, with a great education, yet I can not seem to bring myself to write in Arabic. Why? Why can I not write in Arabic? I can, yes and I would, but maybe at this point in my life it is more important to bring out my ideas in the most efficient ways possible, and due to my education, I am writing in English. While others who actually studied in Arabic get to change the culture and lives of people due to their being truthful to their roots. People like me are kind of part of what slowly kills Arabic.

It’s because it’s easier isn’t it? It’s just easier to think using the language that you were using more during “intellectual” subjects rather than just for “street talk”.

I can still help with my thoughts, right? Thoughts have no language.




Artistic Disconnection

Are the artists disconnecting from the audience due to them being afraid for their own well-being, or is the audience pushing artists away by being too shy?

Are artists ruining art, or is it the audience?

“I think people have been obsessed with the wrong question, which is: How do we make people pay for music? What if we started asking: How do we let people pay for music?”

-Amanda Palmer (The Art of Asking, TED talks)



Well think about it like this, who would support innovation? Let’s use the metal music community, those who find innovation and the latest Opeth album as absolute trash because it’s not heavy and it does not have any harsh vocals. I guess it isn’t the best example because Mikael Akerfeldt is a genius, but I’m sure Opeth lost some fans and gained others with that album. See the thing is, I think that if the band is not constantly changing then it just becomes stale.

I sometimes record things for fun alone because I composed them and like to remind myself sometimes that I do have some ideas that work and well it just makes me happy. But anyway, my music taste has gained some different influences and sounds, and the stuff that I play and compose for myself sometimes are just completely different. I could say that I grew creatively and broadened my horizon, and well it’s just a beautiful process. Just like my writing grew with time an ended up not needing to resort to using curse words to make jokes (despite that being a @*^!$!% great idea sometimes, especially in text with censorship).


Point is, everything changes and grows, and the moment something is meant to stay put because something forced it to, or because it was a conscious ac, it can become stale. That’s not like saying “OH I’M FORCING MYSELF TO WORK ON THIS DRAWING, IT’S NOT MEANT TO BE” no, dude. No. Discipline to deliver is not passion to create.

I’m talking about the creative process.

This, by the way, really relates to the teaching methods in many architecture schools (well it at least applies to mine). The criticism we get is more of a “ew, what’s that, it’s silly” and “do this” rather than, “since you’re going for this, this might work, and this aspect contradicts your idea”.

If someone makes a decision to make a point, it should not be changed; but rather helped and discussed. Especially in artistic expression. Architecture has its standards, and you really should be aware of mistakes you make, but that should not make you bind your creativity with realism. Mistakes of concept do not necessarily bring in scoffs of “what’s this” as if you’re expected to not know better, followed by a series of “point-lost” conversation, but should rather be understood, and they do not indicate technical mistakes. While composition basics are there for a reason, the breaking and ruination of such basics is what makes a point. It just all has to reflect in the logical rules. So if you are trying to break it, you should do it as best you can.


I pretty much did digress for a while, but having read (and maybe even experienced) all of that, the point might be clear to you. The artist should not be doing something forced for the audience, because while the art is for the people, its delivery of its message via its flawed artist’s ideology is what makes it personal and allows people to connect to it, not its creative method; nobody connects to whether it’s water colors or crayons, they might like the medium, but the personal connection is not done through it (with some different cases of course). If the artist is able to express joy with a wailing instrument to make joy contrast brightly against it, it is doing its job well. It is able to express it. Thus, the audience does not have a say on how it should be, unless the artist wills it. Thus, when money-making pushes how you create music, it hinders the innovation and growth of that art, and could force a compromise out of the artist. Thus, we, the people, should understand that we are disconnecting ourselves from the artists by only wishing things to be done our way when they change styles.

That lack of understanding roles can call for a disconnection between the artists. I guess it is only when people understand why the artist does something, and what their part in the art is, would we be able to support it well enough even without pushing it into a money-making trend.

I have totally lost myself in my thoughts, and I don’t quite know where I have ended up. But I would say it is this:

You make people pay by making what they want without you (as the artist) being involved personally with the product, and you let them pay by making something that you soulfully feel, and them being attracted to your honest expression.

It is pretty flawed as a statement, but I think the general idea kinda makes sense there.

“But Saed, I pirate music”… That is irrelevant.

“But Saed, I don’t pay for my music, nobody makes me”… Yeah because they sell it to the radio stations you hear it on and since you listen to it, you’re helping the radio make money so they could (yep) buy another hit song for you to hear.

Am I right? Well I don’t know I’m probably wrong, it happens. But I enjoy the exploration of the idea in theory so that it would lead to different ideas and strategies later.


…. Yeah I think that says what I want it to say. That is how we are disconnected from the artist. They are only seen as people architecting (yes, you can use it as a verb; “to architect” is a real verb) what we need for our clubs and summers and our “chill-outs”, when they actually cater to the death of individual and emotional relationship to music. Music that does not make its point extremely obvious, like classical music, has an openness to it that allows people to imagine something along with the soundscapes, thus putting themselves in that piece, and they get connected to it mentally by having a piece of themselves (poetically speaking) in it. Kind of like reading books and picturing the characters in your own way.

Whether it’s good or bad is for you to decide for yourself. But the disconnection by blunt and impersonal design is there.


Whose fault is it? Well it is partially us, because we support what we want, and maybe the greed of “make the song in this formula for money” people. Meh.

I just think it’s good to let your brain connect rather than take the easy way out by taking what you’re given.





I kind of see a bit of beauty in it. I don’t know if you could call it spiritual or just luck, but I get a warm feeling sometimes knowing that at some point in time, two people randomly look up the same thing, decide to make a comment, they end up replying, discussing some things, unusually in a positive and civil manner, and there you go. A positive “encounter” that just makes both people feel better, learn something, or get something off their chest, and then they walk away.

I find such encounters one of the most beautiful things about the internet. It might be a porn dump/scam-riddled place, but within the normal places, you do get to meet some interesting people. It is, however, sad that people used to meet people in places such as pubs, cafes, buses, festivals, concerts, and now they just meet for a bit then disappear out of each others’ lives.

I don’t know if anyone else agrees with this, but I think the older generation of people are much more social and warm to talk to. Sure we all do talk and “mingle” (hate that word), but I don’t think we have the same charm or ability as people who were socializing all the time instead of playing games alone or whatever.

Yeah it’s just a generalization but I just thought I might as well put it out there. But yeah, the internet is a nice place sometimes, even though I am getting bored of it quite a bit lately. I guess it’s because of the pressure of “adulthood” dawning on me, I just have the constant pressure over my head to do something with my life, mind you, that pressure is from myself, not society. I really don’t like just sitting around the whole time, but until I get a job it’s just going to be boredom, and nothing to discuss when I see people because my life is about as empty as a flying plastic bag.

Might also explain why I’m kind of on edge; not doing anything is horrible for your confidence. Seriously. Maybe it’s due to the pressure of society and people all around you doing things in their lives, but hey, it’s just how it is, you don’t like feeling useless either.

So here I am I guess, on the blog that was not supposed to be personal but rather just creative, but I guess an outlet is an outlet, and writing is a bit of a creative process, too, right? The working class hippie is just unemployed, with a band on the side, trying to do something with his life and find his meaning, trying to balance out his priorities when everyone else seems to have it quite easy.

Anyway, I guess this was just a rant/filler post. We’ll see how everything goes from now on.

Go with the flow, am I right?


I guess,



I think I might be suffering from a relapse from quitting smoking, since I have been extra irritable lately. Games, friends, words, instruments, keyboards, screens, sounds, and taste have all been getting on my nerves way too much. So yeah, maybe it qualifies for a relapse.

Irritability is just such an annoying feeling. You know you’re possibly wrong when you argue with someone, but instead of that friend being right about something, he’s a stuck up jerk who is never wrong. And let me tell you, my non-existing readers (because people are too lazy to take anything unless it’s a video or over-hyped), communication is the worst idea when irritable.

Heh, writing a blog post is probably a bad idea too, but hey.

You know what else is irritating? Not remembering what the post was supposed to say about irritability. I could sum everything up right now with the F-word, but hey, let’s try and be civil, shall we? Why, you ask? Because cursing in writing is immature. Albeit it adding to the humor of things quite a bit. But yeah, I think I cursed enough during that last game of League.


I honestly miss smoking quite a lot right now. Back when I first quit smoking, it was extremely easy, especially since I was sick at the time, and it just didn’t bother me that I stopped because it made the sore throat worse. Now, since I smoked a few cigs a while ago just to get my nerves in check, I guess I miss it. Smoking is a wonderful habit, I miss it.

I miss it, I really do. Sure you try to sugar coat quitting by saying “oh everything tastes better”. You know what? No. It. Does. Not. And you know why not? Because you already burned the living heavens out of your taste-buds if you were a smoker. Yeah you have to learn to control yourself and be more aware since your body language isn’t a cigarette puff anymore.

But you know what? I like it.

I just like it, I prefer smoking.

I like smoking with a coffee, smoking when I’m bored,
smoking when it’s sunny, smoking when it’s cold.

I like smoking when I’m pissed drunk, smoking when I’m mad,
smoking while I’m gaming, smoking with no hands.

I like smoking when I’m jamming, smoking when I chill,
smoking after eating, smoking when I’m ill. 


Anyway, oddly, that made me feel better and reduced the craving (which I guess originates from irritation), so here’s a list of things that irritate me.

People who never admit they are wrong. and never give you the benefit of the doubt because god fore-flipping-bid they lose an inch of their ego:
Seriously, it’s manners to at least take some of what the other person said into consideration rather than stroking your ego and thinking that what you saw is right, because oh how could anyone be smarter or more perceptive than you. The other guy is trying to consider what you said, despite him seeing it from his own perspective, at least try to give and take.

People who accuse you of raging when you’re not:
“Dude why are you angry?” Because you told me I am when I was merely trying to respond to you! Sure I probably gave you a reason to think that my tone is angry, but don’t tell people they’re angry even if they are, then go “what the hell, chill”. Just shut up!

People who don’t say anything when you’re angry:
Oh anger… such a fickle umm… thing. You know why that’s irritating? Because you know they’re right, and that you’re overreacting like an immature kid. It will get on your nerves when you’re irritable that’s for sure, especially when you start cursing, and they’re the bigger person.

Smug people who think they’re better than you (because they probably are):
“Oooh look at me, I have discipline, a long attention span, and I’m always aware of what I’m doing.”
The truth sucks, but the thing is that you should really make people like that drive you to better yourself, rather than get pissed at them. Although irritation will just make you get pissed at them.

Writing a post and realizing it reads like those annoying pieces on buzzfeed or whatever:
And that the only thing missing is random gif’s mouthing the thing you’re writing. Yeah… Oh well, I guess I’ll let this one post slide.

Feeling like you’re that poop that’s getting angry at stuff:
Don’t be that guy, not good. That’s me right now, because: cigarettes and video games, cigarettes used to help a lot. Oh cigarettes…


I’m just going to end this here, I think I’m calmer now. I can already imagine people judging the post, but hey, anger is not a bad thing if you ask me. If you don’t get angry, you don’t get driven. You just have to direct it. Oh and don’t teach yourself to be that guy who listens to what people advise him to do. That’s what I think. Build some trust in yourself, but try and listen when someone makes sense. Just make sure you’re always seeing both sides. Why am I saying that? Meh.

Signing off. Buh-bye.

That was a fun one! Hmm…

I should get angry on here more often…

Or maybe I should smoke a cig- NO! NO! BAD ADDICTION!