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Just a piece I wrote a while back that I wanted to make into a song.

Yeah, yeah, it’s just some poetry. But I have a duty to post something since I didn’t post anything last week (especially since what I tried to post just crumbled into meaningless words).

Anyway, maybe you enjoy poetry.



An idea lost, yet
Another gained;

Lost in a mind twisted,
with none to blame.

And our time of clarity,
well it never came;

But now I know what
they never dared to say.


If I knew then, what I
know now, then I would have
dreamed longer so I could…

Be a hero.


Everyday in a city
to the west,

People silently watching
the world in stress.

After a day of struggle and a
hopeless divine test,

Comes a man to clean
up the mess.


Well he won’t come, and I
know now that I am
the observer in silence.

And I know all the wishes
of open seas, sails, and fishin’
are just regrets…

Of a hero.


Remember dreams remember
how it once felt;

Feeling you’re chosen before believing
in yourself.

Time to break away, time
to grow up, child;

You can’t change your past,
and you sure can’t change mine.


But oh stop being a villain;
look at all those blessed things that you’re given.
Why can’t you see?

From the bottom he’s risen;
bitter, trashed, sadly living but given:

Of a hero.


I guess,




I think I might be suffering from a relapse from quitting smoking, since I have been extra irritable lately. Games, friends, words, instruments, keyboards, screens, sounds, and taste have all been getting on my nerves way too much. So yeah, maybe it qualifies for a relapse.

Irritability is just such an annoying feeling. You know you’re possibly wrong when you argue with someone, but instead of that friend being right about something, he’s a stuck up jerk who is never wrong. And let me tell you, my non-existing readers (because people are too lazy to take anything unless it’s a video or over-hyped), communication is the worst idea when irritable.

Heh, writing a blog post is probably a bad idea too, but hey.

You know what else is irritating? Not remembering what the post was supposed to say about irritability. I could sum everything up right now with the F-word, but hey, let’s try and be civil, shall we? Why, you ask? Because cursing in writing is immature. Albeit it adding to the humor of things quite a bit. But yeah, I think I cursed enough during that last game of League.


I honestly miss smoking quite a lot right now. Back when I first quit smoking, it was extremely easy, especially since I was sick at the time, and it just didn’t bother me that I stopped because it made the sore throat worse. Now, since I smoked a few cigs a while ago just to get my nerves in check, I guess I miss it. Smoking is a wonderful habit, I miss it.

I miss it, I really do. Sure you try to sugar coat quitting by saying “oh everything tastes better”. You know what? No. It. Does. Not. And you know why not? Because you already burned the living heavens out of your taste-buds if you were a smoker. Yeah you have to learn to control yourself and be more aware since your body language isn’t a cigarette puff anymore.

But you know what? I like it.

I just like it, I prefer smoking.

I like smoking with a coffee, smoking when I’m bored,
smoking when it’s sunny, smoking when it’s cold.

I like smoking when I’m pissed drunk, smoking when I’m mad,
smoking while I’m gaming, smoking with no hands.

I like smoking when I’m jamming, smoking when I chill,
smoking after eating, smoking when I’m ill. 


Anyway, oddly, that made me feel better and reduced the craving (which I guess originates from irritation), so here’s a list of things that irritate me.

People who never admit they are wrong. and never give you the benefit of the doubt because god fore-flipping-bid they lose an inch of their ego:
Seriously, it’s manners to at least take some of what the other person said into consideration rather than stroking your ego and thinking that what you saw is right, because oh how could anyone be smarter or more perceptive than you. The other guy is trying to consider what you said, despite him seeing it from his own perspective, at least try to give and take.

People who accuse you of raging when you’re not:
“Dude why are you angry?” Because you told me I am when I was merely trying to respond to you! Sure I probably gave you a reason to think that my tone is angry, but don’t tell people they’re angry even if they are, then go “what the hell, chill”. Just shut up!

People who don’t say anything when you’re angry:
Oh anger… such a fickle umm… thing. You know why that’s irritating? Because you know they’re right, and that you’re overreacting like an immature kid. It will get on your nerves when you’re irritable that’s for sure, especially when you start cursing, and they’re the bigger person.

Smug people who think they’re better than you (because they probably are):
“Oooh look at me, I have discipline, a long attention span, and I’m always aware of what I’m doing.”
The truth sucks, but the thing is that you should really make people like that drive you to better yourself, rather than get pissed at them. Although irritation will just make you get pissed at them.

Writing a post and realizing it reads like those annoying pieces on buzzfeed or whatever:
And that the only thing missing is random gif’s mouthing the thing you’re writing. Yeah… Oh well, I guess I’ll let this one post slide.

Feeling like you’re that poop that’s getting angry at stuff:
Don’t be that guy, not good. That’s me right now, because: cigarettes and video games, cigarettes used to help a lot. Oh cigarettes…


I’m just going to end this here, I think I’m calmer now. I can already imagine people judging the post, but hey, anger is not a bad thing if you ask me. If you don’t get angry, you don’t get driven. You just have to direct it. Oh and don’t teach yourself to be that guy who listens to what people advise him to do. That’s what I think. Build some trust in yourself, but try and listen when someone makes sense. Just make sure you’re always seeing both sides. Why am I saying that? Meh.

Signing off. Buh-bye.

That was a fun one! Hmm…

I should get angry on here more often…

Or maybe I should smoke a cig- NO! NO! BAD ADDICTION!




Working Class Hippie

This one has been lying around in the drafts for a while now, I hope you enjoy it!

I thought an actual working class hippie character would be pretty interesting (other than a contradicting cynical title), so I thought I would write down how I imagined this character would be. Yeah it’s born out of just a contradiction but I thought it could be pretty interesting to explore how such contradictions could exist.


I stick it to the man by having a dream
I stick it to the man by being spontaneous
I stick it to the man by having a hobby to keep me from exploding at my boss at work
I stick it to the man by forcing my body to grow stronger than to be extended by medical engineering and further weakening my independence
I stick it to the man by having an actually good relationship that isn’t oppressed or forced
I stick it to the man by going to work and working passionately and being honest
I stick it to the man by being honest and not trying hard to be politically correct
I stick it to the man by not capitalizing the I at the beginning of israel
I stick it to the man by not being logical
I stick it to the man by being spiritual rather than religious
I stick it to the man by maintaining respect to my fellow human beings and supporting people who need it
I stick it to the man by talking to people
I stick it to the man by using a moral compass rather than a book of ethics
I stick it to the man by respecting boarders and freedom
I stick it to the man by not being greedy for money
I stick it to the man by creating my own clothes
I stick it to the man by growing my hair
I stick it to the man by controlling emotions and bending people to succumb to a culture that I believe is true
I stick it to the man by throwing ideas into peoples’ heads
I stick it to the man by creating a public space
I stick it to the man by being a product of our society and a living proof of its mistakes
I stick it to the man by being a hypocrite and yelling out “you did this” whenever I get judged for it




Doggy Paddle

This was actually improvised, hope you enjoy it and feel its rhythm to an extent. Sure it has a meaning, but it’s meant to be subjective.



People speak of self control,
People speak of worthless “hoes”;

Rum, cattle, anecdotes;
Ships, battles, “yohoho”s.


People speak of burning cattle
People speak of worthless thoughts;

All those heads you couldn’t rattle,
All those minds that fought.


People speak of running out,
People talk of dying dreams;

All the minds, too stubborn they were,
All those who do speak.


People speak of nothing matters
People speak of drought;

All those days “given away”,
Were fortunately days of thought.


People speak of other matters,
People stink of death;

All my mind was pitter patter,
Of living dreams in a mess.


People row with broken paddles,
People swim in vain;

Yet my mind in broken chatter,
Screams of hope in pain.


All the people pitter patter,
All the people sway;

All I do is doggy paddle,
And keep the sharks at bay.


I guess,


Realism and Pessimism

Well, my friend,
I hear of all the things you could be,
A replacement of a void, a new place to grow into,

Well, my friend,
I know only of what I know you are
A truth discovered, a new beginning.


Dreams and wishes of the future,
Remember how it was, first when we began,
Nothing but innocent mouthful listening and ears humming.

Now look at us,
at the crossroads of following the dreams that you introduced,
that kept me alive.
Even more alive now that I understand all the things that I learned.

Now where do we go…?

Is your voice nothing but a mistress?
Are my words nothing but good night stories for both of us?

Well, my friend,
I am a dreamer,
I love both of us, and the future of it all.

Well, old friend,
I’m an optimistic realist,
I believe in both of us, and the future-you to come.

Hope is, for them,
Thrown into their unknown words of future,
trying to add a meaning to their own uncontrolled life.

You, old friend,
are but truth with which I have grown,
such that it shapes my future.


Luck becomes skill,
Inspiration becomes curiosity,
Talent becomes determination,
Love becomes a fiery passion.


Alas, old friend,
We remain, as meaningless as their hope;
A meaningless future in their eyes and programmed responses.

For them, old friend,
feeling is nothing but a readied reaction,
prepared at birth through a long time of shoving.

Alas, old friend,
I remain, as stubborn as my hope;
a dream to be nurtured, as we were.

For them, old friend,
We are nothing but dreamers in their pessimistic eyes,
While we are optimists in a real world.


Alas, old friend,
they do not understand.

Alas, old friend,
we mean nothing in their ears.

not in mine.


Not in mine.


I don’t mean to be a hippie, (but I really do, because I am, kinda) but I have to say, that the impact that technology has on our lives can not be denied; you can take it positively or negatively, but there are somethings that you just can’t deny.

Sure it’s positive, sure you can reach whoever you want whenever, sure you can keep relationships alive. But doesn’t that rid us of all the excitement that being apart brings? How can you appreciate something if you never lose it or taste the thought of its loss?

Doesn’t that make separation so bearable, such that people who are far away end up experiencing a part of each other that is born out of nothing but consequences (which are meant to disappear when reunited)?

Does technology and the comfort of communicating without a need of physical work not make us too lazy to talk to humans?

The lack of direct human communication, does it not make us weaker and more easily broken?

Does that technology not allow for people to take knowledge for granted?

Wouldn’t it be better if the knowledge we wanted was earned, such that we would be careful where our energies were wasted?
We would never waste our energy somewhere where it would not give us a benefit, but now we do because it “entertains” us.

When was entertainment a primary human emotion?

When did we all become so self-centered, such that we expect to earn without giving and interacting?

When did we become so pathetic, such that we fear for our children’s health when we let them play outside, but we do not worry about their future when we lock them up in a cement cage?

When did getting beat up by the local bully become a horrible thing? When did it become a standard, that we should have an unbalanced eco-system where it is all good, and life would be nothing but a pulse-less, dead, pig in the lawn rather than a raging bull in the heart of every child, wishing to explore and play outside?

When did ugly, bad environments become a disadvantage rather than a place where kids would play and experience their own strengths and weaknesses, and the advantages and disadvantages of having friends? Such that it even allowed them to understand what it is to have people you care about and people who care about you?

When did walking become a sin, and facing bad people become the threat we need to face for going through our lives, rather than a daily battle that never stopped us from doing anything and merely proved our determination and understanding?

When did a 20-something year-old know this, while parents cowered in their bedrooms?

When did people write their thought out in public, hoping for praises rather than a discussion?

When did people hope to change the world by not doing anything?

When did we lose respect to older people?

When did older people lose respect to our instincts and the process of growth, which they had and lost?

When did we become slaves to everything around us, and lose control of our own lives?

When did a community with the same ideas signify life, rather than a society that has its many different faces and curses which end up complementing its personality?

When did we lose our balance?




Of Sandseas and Iced deserts

So I just wrote this and thought it was interesting, and I figured why not, right? Right! Take it any way you want, I just thought it was an interesting idea to play around with using words. Actually maybe I’ll look through some old stuff of mine and see if I find anything worth posting sometime later.

I would start this 365 days of poetry but I thought to myself: “no”.
So no! ^-^




I am the sand that burns
… the air that breathes
… the earth that builds
… the death that lives

I am the ocean that swells
… the heart that breeds
… the waves that float
… the life that gives

I am the eye and beholder
… the rolling boulder
… the tree that breaks
… the earth below her

I am the birds, the leaves
… the dawn, the eve
… the drought, the flood
… the eyes that believe

I am the frozen desert
… the heartless effort
… the dying passion
… of days without worth

I am the wind when it’s breezy
… the arch when it groans
… the gold when you’re freezing
… the words when you’re alone

I am the dry trees
… and their wet heavenly beads
I am the wavy mud
… and the stains of its blood

I am the earth’s veins
… the cure for pain
I am the mother’s skin
… the cleansing of sin

I am the oppression of pain
… the rage against the river
I am the quenching sustain
… the calming of anger

I am the wetlands
… the dust’s might

I am the tundra’s sands
… a snow of blight