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Obligatory Ammani Snow-day Post

Aww but moooooom~…!

Nope, you have to, it’s tradition now. Just like the many illogical traditions we have, discussing snow in every conversation you ever have (before, after, or during said snow period) is an absolute must!

“But Saed I-”


Heheh… get it? No? Snow? Heh… Alright I’ll show myself out…

Anyhow, just like being pestered about getting married, getting a job, letting go of every dream, and becoming a doctor, you have to make a big deal out of snow. You just do. Why? I haven’t the foggiest.

Sure I can talk about how illogical it is, and how absolutely ridiculous people become when they go out in the middle of the damn blizzard like they’re on Jackass (the show, not the animal), then complain about not getting help; but that’s all part of the charm isn’t it?

Hail and foggy chaos with people scuttering home only to go back out later like children, unlike being at home and worrying about what to do, households watching the weather forecast 10 times a day, people whining about how everyone is making a big deal out of it, others saying it won’t snow nor hold (stick to the ground) so as not to jinx it. It’s all just a big fest for everyone, for some reason; it’s like a god-sent day off for Jordanians, and I am yet to find someone who seriously hates snow days in Jordan.

And at the end of it all, even after going out to play with the snow or whatever, you warm up at home with a nice cup of coffee and marvel at the beauty of the little fluffy water feathers floating along the wind. Except for the little poop who decides to go outside and walk in the snow and ruin the view for everyone else. But that’s life isn’t it? Just nature, with our footsteps in it, which then becomes snirt (source, “Snirt: Snow mixed with dirt”), and Amman goes back to being Amman. It’s all just part of Jordan’s charm; its people and their lack of logic.





November 9th, 2005

Nine years ago, on the 9th of November, Amman was bombed at (as I recall) 2 hotels. Back then, everyone called anyone they know to make sure they were okay. Classmates, family members. I do not remember why it happened nor who was behind it, nor whether anyone knew anything about it afterwards for that matter, but Amman was shook that day.

Yet somehow, after 9 years, even a year later, people remember this incident less and less. Maybe it is all just a testament to how strong we are, or how strongly we believe in our security. I had a few people on my Facebook feed condoling American victims of September 11, forgetting about how we, too, were threatened and probably even more so now than ever before.

Do not misunderstand me, the apology is a nice, meaningful gesture I think; since suffering was caused by the hands of people who were in a way or another related to us as a culture (since Islam now has a horrible image attached to it), the apology as a plead for the world away from the Middle East to see that there is also good in the people in the region is a nice thing. The apology celebrates the good and hangs on to it, hoping that the world does not forget the image of us once being pioneers of science, not just religion.

Anyway, that being said, why is it that nobody even mentions the bombings that happened in Amman? Have we grown to hate our own country to that extent, or are we merely just calling everything a conspiracy theory like we do about everything else? Are we just detached from any sense of belonging due to having to scrape by to survive? Are we too attached to other things and forgetting to empathize with our fellow countrymen? Must we be impacted by something directly to remember it? Are we just taking our security for granted?

Maybe I’m just over-thinking and we, as a people, just tend to not express much.

It could be a lot of things really, to each their own, and this is mine.

As a child who grew up in this country and tumbled down its hills’ stairs, skinned his knees on its pavement playing football, celebrated snow by taking days off, and watched its plastic bags fly above her/his head and gave it a name: This post is to pay my respect to all those who suffered due to the horrible incidents in Amman 9 years ago and to everyone who helped keep the country secure afterwards. Here’s to your survival as a peaceful haven among chaos, Jordan, and here’s to your charm and the negatives in you that we all love to criticize.

… And may our sewage be fixed this winter (I had to).








Well since I haven’t been writing much (has it been around a month since I wrote a serious piece…?), I thought I’d post some sketches I made, until any of the other stuff I’m excited for finishing are done.

Now, they’re not perfect or well-presented, just some sketches. The creature I was sketching ended up looking like a Twitch face portrait, only he has a cat’s nose and umm.. rabbit ears..? Oh well ^ ^ I like it. I also threw in a couple of recent face sketches and an old sketch of a guitar and a Final Fantasy-esque airship I made while doodling.

And that’s it for now. No Vivi Ornitier teaser yet. Until I run out of ways to stall 😀

Also dealing with adding media on a post here is pretty annoying I realized, I cropped one of the sketches but it just… didn’t get cropped.

(You can click to enlarge, by the way)

Rat sketch

Face despair

Face sketch

2014-04-17 12.19.10

That’s all for now…




Work in Progress “Mama Poro”

Just wanted to share this piece I’m making right now (which I’m pretty excited for! AH!) It just needs a lot of touches, additions, and a background. It just looks more menacing in the sketch, so I’m hoping to make it less “Large and cutsie” and more umm…. Threatening. But I doubt I can do that with Illustrator, I think I can Photoshop it later for a tougher feel, and I’ll post both versions here, too!

Oh, by the way it’s based on Poros from League of Legends, just so you know.

So I’ll just post leave these here.

Poro mother base

Poro Mother in progress


Messing around with Adobe Illustrator a bit, thought this sort of “abstraction” of Quina from Final Fantasy IX would be nice on a t-shirt (without the background), or maybe with the shirt having one of the colors of the background… Or maybe the face on a black background.

Anyway… Here it is.

… I think you can click on it to enlarge it.


Quina Shirt






A Sketch

Just thought I’d share this here, I thought it was pretty good. ^ – ^

Quick thought, why do so many artists sound dry when they post a drawing or something on their blog. It’s annoying, I mean at least be excited about it.
“Hey guys, here’s a new spray on piece of art. I called it Mary. It’s available on print or canvas.” Might as well go on and say, “but none of you will buy anything, because you’re all cheap and unappreciative.”

Anyway, that was me trying to be funny. So here’s the actual sketch (get it? Heh).


sketch 5


I kind of see a bit of beauty in it. I don’t know if you could call it spiritual or just luck, but I get a warm feeling sometimes knowing that at some point in time, two people randomly look up the same thing, decide to make a comment, they end up replying, discussing some things, unusually in a positive and civil manner, and there you go. A positive “encounter” that just makes both people feel better, learn something, or get something off their chest, and then they walk away.

I find such encounters one of the most beautiful things about the internet. It might be a porn dump/scam-riddled place, but within the normal places, you do get to meet some interesting people. It is, however, sad that people used to meet people in places such as pubs, cafes, buses, festivals, concerts, and now they just meet for a bit then disappear out of each others’ lives.

I don’t know if anyone else agrees with this, but I think the older generation of people are much more social and warm to talk to. Sure we all do talk and “mingle” (hate that word), but I don’t think we have the same charm or ability as people who were socializing all the time instead of playing games alone or whatever.

Yeah it’s just a generalization but I just thought I might as well put it out there. But yeah, the internet is a nice place sometimes, even though I am getting bored of it quite a bit lately. I guess it’s because of the pressure of “adulthood” dawning on me, I just have the constant pressure over my head to do something with my life, mind you, that pressure is from myself, not society. I really don’t like just sitting around the whole time, but until I get a job it’s just going to be boredom, and nothing to discuss when I see people because my life is about as empty as a flying plastic bag.

Might also explain why I’m kind of on edge; not doing anything is horrible for your confidence. Seriously. Maybe it’s due to the pressure of society and people all around you doing things in their lives, but hey, it’s just how it is, you don’t like feeling useless either.

So here I am I guess, on the blog that was not supposed to be personal but rather just creative, but I guess an outlet is an outlet, and writing is a bit of a creative process, too, right? The working class hippie is just unemployed, with a band on the side, trying to do something with his life and find his meaning, trying to balance out his priorities when everyone else seems to have it quite easy.

Anyway, I guess this was just a rant/filler post. We’ll see how everything goes from now on.

Go with the flow, am I right?


I guess,


Update, and Adobe Illustrator

Well I’ve been learning it alone via YouTube tutorials, and it’s pretty fun! Here’s some stuff I made (later in the post after I say something), at least keep the blog going, right? Am I right? I’m right, right?




Well I have a ton of drafts (ton as in less than 10), but they don’t seem like they seem to have a point. So I guess when I find a meaning/point to them I’ll finish them. I mean there’s just some normal ideas there, I just did not feel strongly enough about them. You know, they’re more like immature whines rather than meaningful posts. Ah, who am I kidding, I’ll probably throw them out there and be forced to tinker with them once I have something to say that is involved with their ideas, or once I run out of ideas and feel literately motivated.

Anyway, self-promotion is on topic right now, since the band vocalist wants to promote us via hash-tags, etc. I feel like such a downer for not doing it, but I will get some friends to do it I guess, it just feels weird doing it.


Anypoo, here’s the illustrator stuff:

It’s just some simple effects, I know, but hey I thought it was a pretty cool way to ever make some posters if I ever want to.

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

Mikael Akerfeldt

Mikael Akerfeldt

Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine



Hopefully, I’ll actually illustrate something using it. So until next post: Buh-bye!



International day of Happiness!

Yeah, so that exists (You’re welcome)!

If that in itself did not make your day a little bit better, then well… I can’t help (unless you really admire my writing and I just helped). Anyway, apparently you’re supposed to dedicate this day to try and make yourself happier! If you’re unhappy with your life, then this day is supposed to remind you of what happiness is for you; so you should go and make a goal for next year, preferably something that (you think) will make you happy.

So go on now, have a nice little existential crisis and think about your life and what makes it worth living for yourself. Weather it’s just the existence of a purpose, helping others, teaching, being with someone, being someone, being in a place, or whatever. Yeah just like a “happiness resolution” or whatever; you know?

Sure you can call it a gimmick or a potty or whatever, but truth is, these days are just there as a reminder for people who end up ignoring their “blessings”. So go on now, remember what happiness is and cry yourself to sleep, or smile for realizing how many things in your life actually make you happy. Well it’s pretty neat when you think about it really.

Me? I’ll just keep my goals to myself, and share my thoughts instead.

Have a happy life!




Doggy Paddle

This was actually improvised, hope you enjoy it and feel its rhythm to an extent. Sure it has a meaning, but it’s meant to be subjective.



People speak of self control,
People speak of worthless “hoes”;

Rum, cattle, anecdotes;
Ships, battles, “yohoho”s.


People speak of burning cattle
People speak of worthless thoughts;

All those heads you couldn’t rattle,
All those minds that fought.


People speak of running out,
People talk of dying dreams;

All the minds, too stubborn they were,
All those who do speak.


People speak of nothing matters
People speak of drought;

All those days “given away”,
Were fortunately days of thought.


People speak of other matters,
People stink of death;

All my mind was pitter patter,
Of living dreams in a mess.


People row with broken paddles,
People swim in vain;

Yet my mind in broken chatter,
Screams of hope in pain.


All the people pitter patter,
All the people sway;

All I do is doggy paddle,
And keep the sharks at bay.


I guess,