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Update post!

Hah… yeah… I know I know… I said I’ll be posting weekly, but I’m late this week. And you know what that means! An empty post! I do have some drafts and stuff, but come on I really don’t want to stay up and type. I really don’t feel like it, but it’s kinda happening already.

Maybe I’ll write an update and rant a bit.

So here’s the thing, I have some ideas that I didn’t go through, and I’m hoping I’ll filter a good serious article out next week. Probably about one of these ideas:

  • Discussing the creative class’s value (and its perceived value) in Jordan.
  • Ranting about how Jordan is gonna become Saudi Arabia if the education system isn’t changed from the core. By the way, I don’t mean like we’re going to get rich, I mean our culture is going to become more enclosed.
  • Discuss LEED a bit, maybe even make fun of them for no reason and then rant about how I forgot to talk to my “superiors” about taking the test. Fack.

Now here’s the thing that kinda make this post worthwhile for me.

“All aboard the hype-train!”

Alright crickets, here it is! I am considering making another watercolor painting! Yeah! I know! Totally! Yeah! Right?! Yeah! Okay stop.

Seriously, though, awkward monologue aside, I kinda got excited to talk about the painting. So excited, in fact, that I chose to not go and take a picture of the sketch I made for it, because I was so paralyzed by excitement. But I like it, it’s a tad melancholic but I thought it looked nice and dramatic (as long as I can get some good contrast with my colors, I think it’s a challenge since I kinda play it safe while painting), so we’ll see. Now I just have to think about the colors and all. Bah, it does have a bit of that Vivi Ornitier painting vibe, now that I think about it, but I’ll make sure to try and give it a different character, and I want a different feel/scheme. So I think it’ll be nice. Hmm yes, it’s really coming together in my head. Now actually doing it is a different case.

I’ll try and start working on it this weekend. Oh maybe I’ll post a pic of its concept sketch along with some other sketches, to make up for this very well made post.

Alright that’s good enough, I’m sleepy (and very sorry for this post).

Okay I’m really not sorry, you don’t comment, this is a fair relationship we have, readers.





Dragon Sketch

So here’s a dragon sketch I made (which I forgot about).

I should start signing them just in case…


You’re full of yourself, poo-face. I’d just like that I would own my work, rather than have anyone put some “Googles” on and take my work with no consideration.

Anyway, I kind of felt guilty since the blog was – more or less – dead in the last month, so I’ll be trying to pump some work out as much as I can; be it a piece of poetry or a sketch.

So there you go ^-^

Dragon sketch




Vivi Ornitier

It’s finally done! Finished it a day or so ago but took my time til I post it on here, I wanted to do a process thing of how it came about but I can’t be bothered to do so. The picture doesn’t do it justice, though, but I’m really happy about this piece.

Vivi is just such an awesome character, definitely one of my favorites in Final Fantasy, and I feel like I drew him well!

(Click to enlarge btw)

Hope you like it!

Vivi Ornitier Final







Well since I haven’t been writing much (has it been around a month since I wrote a serious piece…?), I thought I’d post some sketches I made, until any of the other stuff I’m excited for finishing are done.

Now, they’re not perfect or well-presented, just some sketches. The creature I was sketching ended up looking like a Twitch face portrait, only he has a cat’s nose and umm.. rabbit ears..? Oh well ^ ^ I like it. I also threw in a couple of recent face sketches and an old sketch of a guitar and a Final Fantasy-esque airship I made while doodling.

And that’s it for now. No Vivi Ornitier teaser yet. Until I run out of ways to stall 😀

Also dealing with adding media on a post here is pretty annoying I realized, I cropped one of the sketches but it just… didn’t get cropped.

(You can click to enlarge, by the way)

Rat sketch

Face despair

Face sketch

2014-04-17 12.19.10

That’s all for now…





Been way too brain-scattered to do anything on here, really. The Poro piece hasn’t been touched in a while, but I’m starting on a Vivi Ornitier painting (Yep! A water-color painting! :D), just got the base down and all that’s left is the coloring. I’ll go back to the Poro thing afterwards, because I’m pretty excited about using water colors, since I haven’t used them in a while.

Other than that, I’ve been trying to make a logo for a while and it just has not been expressing the subject well enough; it’s just one of those intangible things that you can’t be so visually smart with. But, I do believe a more experienced designer would be able to to it more easily.

That being said, we’ll see how it all goes, as long as I’m not distracted playing something or doing abso-flippin’-lutely nothing, I will be working on these and continuing to look for a job!

What else… Yeah, umm… that’s it! Also, no visuals on the Vivi thing, I’m gonna put a bit of progress pics when I finish. Because it’s cool and stuff.




Work in Progress “Mama Poro”

Just wanted to share this piece I’m making right now (which I’m pretty excited for! AH!) It just needs a lot of touches, additions, and a background. It just looks more menacing in the sketch, so I’m hoping to make it less “Large and cutsie” and more umm…. Threatening. But I doubt I can do that with Illustrator, I think I can Photoshop it later for a tougher feel, and I’ll post both versions here, too!

Oh, by the way it’s based on Poros from League of Legends, just so you know.

So I’ll just post leave these here.

Poro mother base

Poro Mother in progress


Messing around with Adobe Illustrator a bit, thought this sort of “abstraction” of Quina from Final Fantasy IX would be nice on a t-shirt (without the background), or maybe with the shirt having one of the colors of the background… Or maybe the face on a black background.

Anyway… Here it is.

… I think you can click on it to enlarge it.


Quina Shirt






A Sketch

Just thought I’d share this here, I thought it was pretty good. ^ – ^

Quick thought, why do so many artists sound dry when they post a drawing or something on their blog. It’s annoying, I mean at least be excited about it.
“Hey guys, here’s a new spray on piece of art. I called it Mary. It’s available on print or canvas.” Might as well go on and say, “but none of you will buy anything, because you’re all cheap and unappreciative.”

Anyway, that was me trying to be funny. So here’s the actual sketch (get it? Heh).


sketch 5

Update, and Adobe Illustrator

Well I’ve been learning it alone via YouTube tutorials, and it’s pretty fun! Here’s some stuff I made (later in the post after I say something), at least keep the blog going, right? Am I right? I’m right, right?




Well I have a ton of drafts (ton as in less than 10), but they don’t seem like they seem to have a point. So I guess when I find a meaning/point to them I’ll finish them. I mean there’s just some normal ideas there, I just did not feel strongly enough about them. You know, they’re more like immature whines rather than meaningful posts. Ah, who am I kidding, I’ll probably throw them out there and be forced to tinker with them once I have something to say that is involved with their ideas, or once I run out of ideas and feel literately motivated.

Anyway, self-promotion is on topic right now, since the band vocalist wants to promote us via hash-tags, etc. I feel like such a downer for not doing it, but I will get some friends to do it I guess, it just feels weird doing it.


Anypoo, here’s the illustrator stuff:

It’s just some simple effects, I know, but hey I thought it was a pretty cool way to ever make some posters if I ever want to.

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

Mikael Akerfeldt

Mikael Akerfeldt

Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine



Hopefully, I’ll actually illustrate something using it. So until next post: Buh-bye!



Filler post!

Concert today, with “عكس العالم”  A’aks Al-Aalam! Hope it goes well! Many good bands at the festival, but we’re playing originals that would probably make the people move a bit, or at least sway around with the reggae-ish vibrations (jah!).

Anyway, this was just a fill since I was kinda gaming to relax then practicing the whole time, since I really don’t wanna mess up while performing.

I’ll post a video or audio file if we get any of our performance.

Here’s our flyer, though!